Leave Love in Your Wake

Heavenletter #5421
Published on: Septembrie 27, 2015
God said:

That you judge another is another way to say that you condemn. You can only condemn when you feel superior. All this is another way to say that you are being arrogant. You are setting yourself above another. When something comes up that you like, you are not being arrogant. You aren’t seeing lack. In any case, you are welcoming someone instead of saying, “Halt.” You say, “You enter my heart.”
When your child in kindergarten comes home with a painting he or she did on manilla paper or newsprint, the truth is you do love it. May it not be that your child brings home his art, and you don’t like it. Welcome and appreciate what your child brings to you.
This is how I am with you. Whatever you bring home to show Me, I love it, and I love you. I do not discard you in My heart because I would rather you would bring home something else. My heart welcomes you independent of your performance.
When your child is older and fails a test or a whole year, may your love be clear just the same. There is nothing that is more important than a heart of love. Of course, you are not happy that your child flunked something. That’s not the issue. The issue is love.
In the world, it is not easy to be the child who flunked, and, in the world, it is not easy to be the mother or father of the child who flunked. I come from a Higher World, and so do you.
In life, it may seem momentous to everyone that the child must pass a test and be promoted. But I am telling you that compared to love, this is a minor matter. Thank God you have a child. Thank God he is in good health. That test or class in school seems of enormous proportions, yet in terms of life in the world, a test isn’t all that much despite what you think. It all comes out in the wash. Love is much, and love is to stay.
Einstein’s teachers thought he had limited capacity. Who was it who had limited capacity? Einstein or the teachers? Was there ever anyone in the world whose take on matters has always been 100% correct?
Beloved, there is always another way to look at what may seem like a defeat. It is no defeat to love your child and to love him more. Help your child.
To see parents in action, sometimes you would think there is nothing more important than your child’s making his bed or picking up his socks. In human life, parents may seemingly care for appearances more than the hearts of their children.
If your child has so-called failed at something, he is already feeling unhappy. Why would he need a lecture from you? The child did not deliberately fail. It is possible he has given up. Too often in the world, it is a question of fitting your child into a system as if a certain ratio of performance is more important than the heart of the child. I do not know anything more important than a child’s heart. Your feelings are not more important. Perceived success is not. Wealth is not. Achievement of any kind is not.
Give your child a sense of self-worth. Your belief in your child goes beyond success. Your success is in your love and belief in your child.
Do not find your child wanting. Your child is not a commodity. Do not be so judgmental at all, and certainly not with your child. Watch out for being high and mighty and a decided know-it-all. Help your child know your love. Do not gang up against him.
I don’t say it’s any easier for you to deal with your child than it is for your child to deal with you and the world he lives in. Be a loving wise human being on Earth. Do not condemn. Leave love in your wake.