The Playing Field of Infinity

Heavenletter #5854
December 4, 2016 

God said:

What do I most want of you? I do not think so much in terms of superlatives as you may. I don’t think of excluding anything from you. I do want you to undo any shackles you may have enchained yourself with. Superlatives, of their very nature, can only confine you.

Yes, it is My Desire that you be unbound. This means that you are to be free. Free of what? Not so much free of but free to. To be free to soar. To be safe enough to dare to be free. To be free from clutching either the past or the future as if past and future were the extent of you. In any case, you are free to let go. You are free to be free. You are free of all that may have held you back – and held the world back from its Ascension.

Fear has gone out the window. Any fear that you previously held tight goes out the window and disappears from the skyscape. You abandon fear on behalf of every Being in the world. Fear is no longer an entity that is going to pounce out at you, nor will fear grab at anyone, near or far.

You have reconfigured your Self. Now you truly star in your life.

With fear gone, you are a stalwart human being. You are strong enough to be benevolent. You are connected to yourself and to Me. There is no more tugging at yourself. There is freeing yourself. There is yourself freed. Struggle does not exist. It cannot even be conceived of.

Away you go, right to your Selfhood with Me.

You are back to Being. Being is very freeing. Being can only be Being, and you are full of Being. Unhampered by arbitrary thoughts, you are an Infinity of Being.

You are new every day. You are untethered to past thinking. It is you — Phoenix rising. It is you, unhampered. It is you, uncaged from the past. Therefore, you are free to be simply as you are. What a relief this is. You are already Everything. And now you know.

You stand on your own two legs. You fly with the wings of angels.

All landings are soft. All take-offs are effortless. You are pure ease. There is nothing at stake. You live life on Earth as in Heaven. You are lit by the hot Sun, and you are immersed in the cooling light of the Moon. You can see in the dark. All blindfolds have fallen away.

You fly. You have always desired to fly. You fly to Me, and you fly to your Self. The world is your haven. Heaven is the green pastures you lie down in. You look at beautiful scenery. You see the world unfold to reveal itself in all its array. There is no longer stark black and white. All desires are One Beautiful Artistry. You play in a beautiful painting of your desires thought of and realized at the same moment of non-existent time. We can say that you have welcomed yourself to the Playing Field of Infinity.

You throw the Ball of Life and, magically, it reveals itself. You are home on the range. Life in clarity has truly begun. No more consultations to know what the world says. Consultations now are with Me and your Higher Self. No longer do you think so much of what the world considers proper. No longer are you so finite. Your recognize that the world holds on tight. You recognize that you are free. No longer are you entrapped. No longer are you attached to the rules and roles and details of the past. You do not need to be so correct. You are Being. You are freed.

Being is above all the world.

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