Be the Sun That Rises

Heavenletter #5871
December 21, 2016

God said:

Dear Human Beings, how you feel and how I feel can bear reconciling.

I see the wonder of you. I see your beauty. It is easy for Me to love you whereas you are vastly critical of yourself. You are hard to please. I see beyond the borders you see.

Come with Me. Let’s skip over these cardboard borders you see. I ask you to stop burdening yourself with the hard facts you persist in. Facts are nothing at all. Goodness and mercy matter, not facts. You are strong in fact-finding, distraction-finding, and, yes, disturbance-mongering.

What fault of yours might you specialize in today? What flaw must you point out to yourself today to make you feel down and out? How might you squash your heart today and do a good job of it?

This morning you got up. You paid attention to the clothes you put on. You like the outfit you wear today. You tied your tie well.

Yet you put on unbecoming thoughts today as though this were a daily assignment I give you — to pull yourself over the coals and disconcert yourself.

I ask you to tell yourself better stories. Send out better messages to yourself and to the world. What kind of vibration are you giving to the Universe today? Dear Ones, consciously start sending out High Vibration Messages. Everyone can use some inspiration today. Everyone, including you.

You are not untrue to yourself when you dress well. It cheers you up. It cheers others up to see you dressed well.

What makes you think you are doing a favor to yourself and the world by shooting yourself in the foot? You are not being false to yourself by taking care of yourself with your thoughts. You are being true to yourself.

No more singing dirges, if you please. Sing a happy tune. You can do it. I know you can do it.

If you are in a slump, get out of it. Be true to yourself.

If you cannot think of yourself, then think of Me. Do it for Me. Get out of dreary thoughts. Emblazon the Horizon of Life for All.

What you say and what you think, you send out all over the world. It is of the utmost importance that you give joy to the world. The world depends upon you. It even depends upon your demeanor.

Be a good soul today, good soul. If you have to wear a smile, wear a smile. When you smile at yourself, you may begin to feel cheerful. You be the first to cheer the world. Do not wait for the world to cheer you. Don’t put the cart before the horse.

Did you really think that the world at large is supposed to start your motor? Do you really believe you are to drive an old-fashioned car whose motor you have to crank up?

When horses were transportation, did you go out every day and say, “Whoa, Horsie,” before you said, “Giddyap, Horsie?”

Come to your senses. Set out in the morning with the spirit you want to engage in. Set the tone of your day. Give the world what you want the world to give you.

You are to be the Sun That Rises.

You are to dispense with fault-finding, most especially with yourself.

Offer good will to yourself. Start off on the right foot. Isn’t this obvious?

If you have to write a cue card for yourself, make it. Post a sign that you see first thing in the morning:

“It is for me to add joy and harmony to the world today. I welcome this day. I welcome all, including myself. I greet everyone in the world with a smile, including myself. This is the least I do in good grace this day. Thank You, God, for this opportunity to light up the world. Thank You for today. Thank You for me.”

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