Christmas in Light & Love


When I was saying the word Christmas, as a child, I was already seeing the green Christmas Tree, full of candies and balls mostly wooden balls, but the smell of the green tree, of the handmade cake, of all good food on the table, made me feel like I was living a dream, but a dream I wished it will take longer than all the Christmas days, I wished to take forever especially at the thought of the mirrored beauty on people’s faces, people who were joyful, happy in that time of holidays.

Now, I wish to see again, those radiant faces of ordinary, jovial people, who do not forget to treat also well those people who do not have or cannot have what we all should have on our table during the Holiday Season and not only, actually those people who know to be happy for small things. For me, as for others, the word Christmas is another  “divine word of Romanian language”(”the Roots of the Christmas word ” by Gabriel Gheorghe).

Christmas Day had been called The New Time Day by our ancestors and they had related it with fire and light. Feast is related to the cult of the sun, fire and tree, the evergreen tree, the sacred tree.

The word Christmas comes from the “kercun” – “stump that burns” starting from the fire ritual and rolling down stumps, on the mountains. Our ancestors were climbing mountains or high hills and rolling stumps from there as sign that Sun was renewed. There still are Romanians who keep the habit of rolling wheels on fire down on the hills, with the same meaning as it was for our ancestors. Burning stumps in the fireplace symbolized the old year. Christmas celebration was held until Epiphany, when Zamolxe and priests were blessing the waters and fires.

Adrian Bucurescu says in “Secret Dacia”, that Christmas has been known as “The Sons of the Sky Day”, and the word also comes from what Thracians named BELA-GINES “Clean Birth”.

Christmas word is the name given to the Divine Logos, the Word of God, and has remained well preserved until today.

I would remember one of the Zamolxe’s laws “ God Lord has His Being in the Living Fire. With that, God conceive or loose worlds. God, the Creator of all that exists, is in the purple sky and He is the Living Fire which has always existed in the sacred light.”

A Christmas full of light and love to be everyone’s house, every single day, not just during the holidays, regardless we are Romanian or other nations! We have to be as Sons of Light, with light and love in our hearts for all of us and especially for those who come after us!