Don’t be outfaced – Go for your dreams

By Vera Ingeborg

I read an article today in which the author was complaining about stories of people who are following their dreams to do what they really wanted to do in life. He claimed it to be simply not true for the majority of us.

He referred to the example of a heart-surgeon who rather wanted to be a truck driver. Well…. yes, maybe that is not the most adequate example to explain the phenomenon of the wake up call. It is too bad that he did not choose other examples that are much more authentic. He could have taken the time to look into the stories of Jim Carrey, Paulo Coelho, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Joe Dispenza, John Parkin, Dan Millman, Joe Vitale or Byron Katie just to name a few. And there are so many infamous people like me who went through the same awakening process.

The author of the article talks about the undeniable fact, that most people have duties, kids to feed and bills to pay. He concludes, that often our job really only is an exchange of work against money. He suggests to strive for happiness and fulfillment in other parts of life and looking at the work we do as a necessity to finance happiness in other areas. I don’t agree with that, because the time we are working is besides the time we are sleeping the biggest portion of our lives. Eight hours or more of not feeling happy or fulfilled certainly has an impact on our mood during the rest of the day.

“Eight hours of unhappiness has an impact on our mood for the rest of the day”

It is kind of sad to misinterpret our striving for happiness in such a way. It is encouraging people to remain in their fear patterns  and ignore the voice from deep down inside – screaming to be heard.  We all deserve to do what we truly want to do in life. Nobody should keep us from listening to and following our heart. It always speaks the truth. Our mind was never meant to be in the lead. It should never be more than an advisor we appreciate, but we should not be ruled by it and it should only speak when we ask it to.

When we are still seeing the world through the learned societal patterns and fears, then of course questions like in the mentioned article come up. Then we think in hierarchical terms and in the paradigm of scarcity. We think there is not enough for everyone and that we continuously have to fight for everything in life. We feel like a victim that has no power to change anything. We act out of fear and remain in a position so far behind our actual opportunities and capabilities. We don’t even see the possibility, that a different economic system could be in place with a completely different form of companies, jobs, work patterns etc. We are programmed to believe that the system we live in is the only way.

The thing is though, we do have a choice. We can simply take a step to the side to leave the treadmill.  When we drop fear,  manage to change our perspective and start acting from a place of love, we realize we need much less to be happy and fulfilled. And so do our children. Materialism becomes a minor aspect and relationships, friendships and community experience prevail. We understand that there is more than enough for everyone in this world. The only block in the way is our ego-driven society that thinks it is never enough what we own. The good news: There is an alternative.

So please keep in mind: We are allowed to go for our true heart’s desires and find happiness and joy in what we do. We are so much freer than we think and will discover it once we left our ego-prison. We just have to rediscover our innate talents and passion and find a way how this serves society. Where our talents and passion meet the demand – that is where our mission and life purpose lies. And once we are brave enough to follow that calling, everything gets into the flow.

I am not saying the way to it is easy, but the pot of gold that is expecting you is so worth it!

” Where our talents and passion meet the demand – that is where our mission lies” 

We should not settle for less. Life is an experience that should include lots of fun, enchantment and liveliness. We should stop seeing life as a burden and start celebrating it. Go for it!

With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg