Life Tells Its Own Story

Heavenletter #5876
December 26, 2016

God said:

Where does a day go? Where falls a memory? What does it mean when someone says that out of mind is out of sight? When you come down to it, what does anything mean when everything is skipping along on its way at the very moment it seems to occur, or, pretends to occur, or acts as if it occurs, and what was, as it once was, is never to occur again. Something filled a place. You thought it was supposed to be forever. It slipped away, never to be seen again as it you had been sure it was supposed to.

There are those times when nothing seems to make sense. In that case, why harp on Life’s having to make sense to you then? Forget about sense. Life does not have to make sense. Who said that Life has to make sense? Who set up that idea and told you that Life is bound to follow your good sense?

Let Life be what it happens to be. Life is a puzzle like Humpty Dumpty that can’t be put together to make perfect sense – as Humpty Dumpty was once upon an imaginary time. Life is perfectly capable of being what it is when it is. To My children, that often means not to make any sense at all. You have some say in Life, yet you are not the authorized final decider of the world.

You are not to reframe your Life according to opinion or fashion or restriction when Life is unrestricted and has more say than you.

Anything goes in Life. You may wonder:

“How can Life make new plans for us trembling human beings against our will? Really, how can there be anything new come up in Life when we were not given a chance to prevent it or change it before it’s finality? How can it be that Life can possibly know what it’s doing when it is devastating to us who seem to care more about Life than Life Itself does?”

Beloveds, Life tells its own story. No matter how strongly you feel, it can’t be that Life is confused. It has to be that there are thoughts of yours to unwind and let Life be. The unwinding or unsettling of your own thoughts and impressions are what you can change. Seeing another way is your second lease on Life.

Eggs do fall off the wall. The Sun does cook eggs and the wind can make butter. Ice is said to take up more space than water. Who knows where the dice will fall. Really, who can say the dice are to fall this way or that way?

You may accuse Life of being unkind or unfair to you. It may be not quite fair of you to accuse Life of faulty management. Perhaps you are asking too much of Life to be decorous and understanding and to deferring to your personal will?

Dear Ones, serve Life. You have say in your Life, yet it’s not for you to rule or scold Life around. Life makes its call, and so it is.

Life can astonish you with its power. Once the die is cast, Life doesn’t change the throw of the dice. We speak of your immediate Life, yet you have heard that there is a cognition that All of Life is really vastly going on all at once, and you are living many layers or dimensions all at once. Because you can’t quite comprehend doesn’t mean that Life can’t be any way Life Itself Says It Is to Be.

Life is free-form. And so must you relinquish what form Life seems to take and you be free-form as well.

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