Love Expressed Again and Again

Heavenletter #5877
Published on: December 27, 2016

If you don’t like the word gratitude, then think of the word appreciate in the case that you are more comfortable with the word appreciate.

What are they, these words, but a recognition of a gift dropped off to you? The recognition of a gift is a notice, a little nod, or perhaps even a blink of joy that says: “You gave me something. I received it. I am glad. You gave me a chance to look up.”

It is not downplaying yourself to express thanks to anyone. You are not too busy. Life is meant to be simple. Every one of My children is meant to be star-crossed. There is love in the stars perpetuated on Earth.

Everyone recognizes the great gift a plucked dandelion is that a little child hands to his mother. It takes no thought. The dandelion is a pure direct gift from the child’s heart. The dandelion wants to be given, and the child hands forth his heart. The dandelion is a declaration of the child’s love ringing over the Universe. Love is declared, and all hear the ringing of the bells whether they are consciously aware of this or not. Love reverberates. Everything reverberates. Everything is heard everywhere. Everyone is affected.

The Kohinoor diamond could not be a greater gift than the yellow dandelion. A diamond may not be nearly as great a gift as the child’s offering of the dandelion. A young child has no pause between wanting to spread joy and the declaration of it. The gift of a dandelion is Oneness signaled.

It is natural for a child of God to give from his heart, and it is natural for the receiver of a gift to acknowledge his recognition of the gift. Someone gives a gift, and the receiver says, “Thanks.” One gives, one receives, and both are as One. Both are saying, “Thanks.”

Giving a gift and the appreciation are One and the Same. A gift is given. Thanks are given. Oneness of Heart gives thanks for Oneness.

No gift is little. No act is little. The simplest acts may be great. How easy it is to bless the world and all who find themselves in the world. All may not know what on Earth they are doing here, how on Earth they got here, yet everyone is here to appreciate, as I appreciate the world I made and you. And you.

How brave it is for you to be in the world, and how propitious. You wear no armor. You carry no sword. You live in the world, and you smooth the way for all. Your Presence is a gift. You are here on Earth for a purpose. Across the board, your purpose is to bless and to spread joy.

Your gifts are lasting. The gifts you gave years ago may be remembered now long after you forgot about giving them. In this way, you are thought of. The gift you give is always yourself and not the object you hand over.

You may never know how great a gift you gave. You may never know what the gift you gave might have meant to the receiver or how it may have lifted his life. A gift is a live thing. A gift represents you. A gift is a great thing. If only you dared to declare love all the time by your very presence.

How did self-consciousness enter into the world? When did giving gifts become a production? When did Life lose its spontaneity? When did the natural become thought-out? When did giving gifts become expected, and gifts had to be good enough, fit into a mold, and be wrapped just so? When did there become a pattern for gift-giving rather than impulse?

How do you get back to the bounty main of your heart? When do you bless yourself next with love expressed and expressed again and again?