A New Year’s resolution – I will date my body regularly

By Vera Ingeborg 

How often do we blame our body, do not treat it well and are angry with it because it simply does not look or behave the way we want it to be. We feel not good enough, not beautiful enough, not healthy enough, not athletic enough. Why can’t it look like Heidi Klum, why does my nose have to have such an ugly shape, why do I have these wrinkles, why am I so fat, why do I always get these goddamn flus, why is my skin cluttered with pimples, why does my back hurt again and again, why do I have such a headache, etc. etc. … I could continue with this list forever. We just seem never to get tired of beating ourselves up.

Thankfully, the lovely beauty and pharma industry provides us with all these countermeasures to make our body what we want it to be so that we can finally, finally be happy and satisfied. We buy the diet vitamin boost power shake, we get a permanent hair depilation, we swallow pills against our pains and illnesses and if it is really bad, we get some shots, we take some hormones against our skin problems and maybe we even go that far that we get some Botox treatments or beauty surgery. And what is the result? We find the next thing about our body we are not happy with and start giving it the blame all over again.

It is time to change our perspective my dears!

Have you noticed how much we are influenced by marketing and media? They constantly tell us how we are supposed to look and how we are supposed to feel to be beautiful and happy. But, what if we saw their trick how they program us? What if we realised that they try to define what beauty and happiness is to make a lot of money? What if our body was just perfect as it is and actually is our best friend and advisor?

“What if our body was just perfect as it is and our best friend and advisor?”

Our body is a miracle. It operates us and keeps the balance the best possible way. We never take the time to appreciate our body as it is and what it does for us because we take it for granted. How grateful can we be that our body gives us the possibility to see, hear, feel, touch, smell and taste the beauty of this earth and to share with other people? Taking the time to really experience the moment. Let’s take a meal. When do we ever concentrate on a meal and enjoy every single bite, every single explosion of taste in our mouth and how food really feels? How often do we just hurry from one appointment to the next? Holding on for a second, for example touching a tree or a plant and sensing the beauty and perfection of nature is so grounding. We would not be able to experience any of this without our body.

Our body is not only the vehicle to experience all these things, it is also our closest and most honest friend and advisor. It tells us when it is too much that we are trying to handle at once. It alerts us and tells us when to slow down by signalling tiredness. How often do we ignore it and try to keep ourselves awake with coffee, energy drinks or energy pills. If our body then pulls counteraction number two to force us to rest, by getting a flu or a headache or whatever – what do we do? Right…. we take pills, ignore it and continue. We don’t even realise that we are on the road into a burnout or a more serious illness because we are ignoring all the friendly reminders of our body to slow down. Isn’t it funny? We live in our body and yet we ignore it all the time? Well to see the positive – at least we support the economy with our consumption and behaviour. How obvious is it that something is going wrong here?

” So how about starting a close friendship with our body?”

So how about starting a close friendship with our body? Why don’t we just start listening to what it has got to say. Why don’t we start to appreciate what it does for us every day and what opportunities it gives us every day to experience life on this planet? Why don’t we stop believing what Marketing tells us? Why don’t we just stop to fulfil expectations of others that only exist because of societal patterns we were programmed to believe to be true? Who says that you need to work a 16 hour day to be considered attractive and cool, and who says you need to look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt to be considered beautiful?

Real beauty always comes from within. When we stop trying to fit in and adapt but follow our own truth and start to appreciate and love ourselves, our whole reality changes. We will be amazed how much will change to our favor when we embrace it instead of rejecting and blaming it all the time. So how about having a date with our body in front of the mirror today and have a lovely talk with it, thanking it and all of its parts for the great job they do for us every day. And after that, take it out for dinner and treat it with really good and healthy food, or take it out for a spa treatment to give it some rest, loving touch and care. Make dating your body a regular habit and you will see: What you give will come back and you will feel the difference soon.

With lots of light and love,

Vera Ingeborg