The Reason to Be Happy

Heavenletter #5885
Published on: January 4, 2017

God said:

Yes, you always like to hit the highs. Even on more or less ordinary days, you want to soak in happiness. Remind yourself that it is not leaps of joy you are looking for. Just this very moment is Our occasion to be together in joy. The reason to be happy is to be happy.

Let nothing interfere with Our happiness. There is nothing you have to have for happiness that you don’t already have. You can be happy today and not wait for tomorrow. You are dependent upon nothing for your happiness.

Listen to what I just said: You are dependent upon nothing for your happiness. Happiness is a given. Know you have all that you need for your happiness today. Nothing more is required for you to be happy than to accept happiness. Happiness is a natural state of receiving. Don’t let today’s natural state of happiness slip away from you. Why accept a lesser state of consciousness?

If you say you have to have more happiness in order to be happy, you lead yourself astray. All you require for happiness, you have.

Somewhere along the line, My children became jaded. You thought you needed certain events or qualities in order to be happy. You threw away certain receipts for happiness in a pout.

You don’t need a new dress, a new car, or a new anything at all. All you need is to anticipate happiness itself. Happiness is on order for you today. Don’t accept displeasure. Do not accept malcontent. Happiness is something you ARE, beloveds. Happiness is not something tossed at you. Happiness is the natural scheme of things. Be the happiness.

Happiness does not have to be something stupendous. Rather, happiness is a blessing that you accept. There is enough happiness for everyone. Keep your eye on the sparrow, beloveds.

If there is birdsong today, be happy. If you are alive today, be happy. You may have been getting out of the habit of being happy. Come what may, be happy for your existence and all the built-in-happiness that is yours. Did the sun shine today? Be happy. Did it rain today? Be happy for the rain as well as the sun. Set the tone of your happiness. The simplicity in this will come to you as a great revelation.

There is nothing you are dependent upon for your happiness except all the happiness in the world. It is available to you just as you are. You don’t have to wear a crown. You don’t have to marry a prince. Life is a walk you take. The particular walk you take doesn’t have to swing you through the trees or traverse the flowers in order for you to be happy.

What is there for you to anticipate today? Naught but joy before you. Anticipate nothing less.

I did not create you a sourpuss who has to be crooned to all day. Whatever befalls, pick up your happiness. You were not born to be a grouch. Wait not for the world to please you, dear ones. Starting today, pluck happiness and make it yours.

If your wife does not smile at you, smile at her. What has to make travel together difficult? Call a truce. You may say that nothing will change your life. You are probably correct, for nothing will change your life but you and how you greet it. Everyone else in your life can be wrong, yet you are the one to change your frame of mind. If your present life is untenable for you, change your tune. Shift the light you pour on your life. Open a new page.

You have seen that changing from one life or another may not change your life. You threw out one life out for another. A new life can work, yet often it does not. Something in you has to be more optimistic than before. Be happy. Cast off unhappiness.

When push comes to shove, give someone else a little happiness. If you cannot do this on behalf of an individual, then do it for Me.

Happiness is not out of your reach. Happiness is as close as your heart. Clear out from your heart that which blocks it. Be good to yourself, and be good to others. Take a chance on being happy. Decide your happiness ahead of time. Don’t wait for it. Give yourself happiness right now. Don’t wait for happiness to come later.

As a matter of fact, happiness is waiting for you around every corner. Simply oblige. You can do it. You can be happy right this minute. Decide ahead of time. Be happy now. You are meant for happiness. You are meant for happiness in this moment. You are a Child of God. Let your happiness in.