Secrets of the Soul

The soul is multilayered, however it does have two prime parts to it, when in the 3D dimension.

The ancient Egyptians knew it well. They referred to it as the ‘Ka’ and the ‘Ba’. The inner soul seems to exist within a ‘body veil’ or ‘soul shell’ in much the same way as a nut is encased in a shell. From most research it is believed that the soul enters the body at the moment of birth, both the inner soul and its ‘body veil’.

The astral body making up the inner soul appears as a golden light, while the shell visibly seems to be of a soft blue glow. No facial features are visible at all. Perhaps for two reasons: Because the detail is all of the same golden colored light and secondly because the conscious self does not see its face 90% of the time. In effect this suggests that the soul consciousness as a being of light is merely a shape ‘of habit’. If the astral body wanted to, it could most likely take on any shape. The ability of the astral body of the full consciousness of the mind… the soul, to traverse time and space, and hence to explore other star systems and visit the Creation, is overwhelming.

These two parts of the soul, merging as one, will be referred to as a being of light.

This being of light is naturally glowing with white light while at death when the soul leaves the body with its ‘soul shell’.

The Tree of Life shows human souls as beings of light interacting with The Cosmic Tree.

The soul appears also with an ability to exist outside of the body as an ‘astral body’. The astral body seems to be able to be induced out of its ‘soul shell’ yet stays connected. This seems to be the case in near death scenarios where the body is revived. More often than not the person will recall having been conscious outside of its body.

When the body is in the form of an astral body state, the body veil remains as a protective shell for the body to purely maintain its bodily functions. A micro thin silver cord connects the body veil to the soul – the mind – the astral body. The cord is a mini plasma ribbon that can stretch infinitely within the universe. This link is how the soul finds its way back to return to its body. If you find yourself astral travelling, think of your body and you shall return to it.

The Star Traveler