Your Presence Is Requested

Heavenletter #1419
Published on: October 6, 2004

God said:

Holy Child, be My holiness. Be My wholeness. Be Mine. Choose Me. Choose to be My beloved. Decide that you are My beloved with all the blessings that accrue. I say you are My beloved son or beloved daughter. I say you are My beloved. Is there something to debate? Would you rather prove that you are not My beloved or that you are?

You are. You are. We are. I AM. You are. You are. We are wedded in bliss. We are wedded in a union so sweet it has lasted since the beginninglessness of Eternity.

You are My jewel on Earth. I have embedded the Earth with jewels, each unique, and yet just like you. I planted jewels everywhere in the world. Let you not be taken for anything else but the jewel I created and presented.

Creation is My crown, and you are in the center of it, placed high on the sculpted crown as a fine jewel. Know Earth to be My tiara. Know Earth to be more than you presently consider it. Know Earth to be bejeweled with beings from Heaven. Of course, you were created in Heaven. From what other spacelessness would I create from?

You are My created being. From My Beingness, I created you. You are My Beingness on Earth. I depend on you to inhabit the world and to make it holy. We have a sacred pact, you and I. Come to remember it. Remember the pact We made in a quick embrace as you emerged as a Human Being on Earth.

I look into your eyes now to remind you of Our sacred Words. We said, “I do” to each other. We said, “We shall never part.” We acknowledged, “There is no death.” We agreed to be inseparable, so closely connected, that Our hearts would squeeze with joy unbounded. With joy do I behold you. With joy, will you behold Me? Will you behold Me in your heart? What else could that be but joy?

Enter now My heart that you never left. Walk right in. I am ready and waiting for you. You do not have to wait for Me Who has been waiting for you. I have been waiting for you to open your consciousness like a flower. I have been waiting for you with a sweep of My hand so vast that you are already within it, the sweep of My hand. And so I sweep you up into My heart, and I never let you go.

You must let go of any little thing that keeps your awareness away from its Source. I say: “Wayward awareness, return to your rightful place. Return to the throne of My heart.”

No jewel of My creation is missing, and yet your awareness, like a jewel, needs to be returned to Me. Return it to Me now. Give Me back your heart. Give Me back your awareness. Give yourself back to Me. Give yourself Me back. Return to Me that which is Mine. And, oh, yes, you are Mine. You are My beloved. Whose beloved did you think you were if not Mine?

I love Myself very well. I cannot do otherwise. I cannot do anything but love you as Myself, for you are Myself. You are Myself digging your heels into Earth, forgetful of your Home, forgetful.

But today you remember your lineage, and you are secure in it, just as securely as you are seated in My heart. Where can you be but in My heart of gold? Where else would My jewel be but seated in gold? There is nowhere else to be. So be where you are. Acknowledge your presence in My Heart.