Lisa Transcendence Brown

For many of us, the mission-driven human used to hold the energy of not enough, lack and struggle, in order to do what was in our hearts. Yet AS the higher realms inside again, struggle no longer exists. That was a human belief.

For many, we started out struggling to be in-service, yet lacking the tools or resources to do so. Every struggle taught us that we could be in-service, regardless of what we physically had. We got creative, we found ways to reach others with little or nothing at most times. We did without much of the time, compared to that which others perceive as basic necessities. Yet there was a mission, a desire so strong, that nothing would stand in our way. And little by little we prevailed in getting by, while we sought to assist all of mankind along the way.

The more we assisted others, the more others assisted us. We found that more came forth, with the same desire to reach others too. This inspired us to continue, our inner determination inspired every time one opened our heart. Yet it also took the integration of our own masculine energy balance, to bring forth the stubbornness and determination to “do” our mission regardless of others’ lack of support, others lack of appreciation, lack of honor and much of the time, payment for much of what we did. WE had to not care if we had help, for it was that inner drive that got us to do absolutely anything to reach and assist. It is that energy that brought us back to the higher realms where unification and support now exist.

Excerpt from: “Navigating Dimensions: Awakening & Ascension Guide Book”
by Lisa Transcendence Brown

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