Love in Bloom

Heavenletter #3662
Published on: Decembrie 4, 2010

God said:

Welcome to life where boundaries are not, where all countries are like brothers and sisters who love each other, and where all brothers and sisters do love one another, and where all the people in the world know themselves as brothers and sisters. Imagine a world where familyhood is ideal and rampant. Imagine a world where you cannot step outside your door without being embraced in love. Imagine all doors opening for you. Imagine love, here, there, everywhere. Imagine a welcome carpet of love everywhere. How easy it will be then for you to love without having to think about it, where you can love without fear of repercussion, where you can love more easily than not love, love more easily than holding love back, more easily than guarding where it is safe for love to go and where it is better not to go. There will be no resistance to love, no fear of it. Imagine all boundaries gone, blown to smithereens. Imagine where all trees in the forest are friendly, where all flowers bloom, where all hearts bloom and radiate their love like water to drink. Imagine, where you step out your door and you meet yourself in your true role as love in bloom.

Welcome to life as it is meant to be. Pleasant. Always pleasant. No hard feelings. No hostility, no discomfort, no haggling, no battling, no wars, no soldiers, no soldiers alive to become dead, no hard times of life, no wasting love, all love growing tall in the fields of life and all love to be harvested fresh in the sunshine.

Imagine schoolteachers with love, and students with love, teachers and students all with love in their hearts. Imagine all parents giving love freely, and children knowing love and nothing but love. Imagine love being known, and no one shy of it. Imagine everyone being noticeably glad when you enter a room. Imagine friendliness everywhere. Imagine clerks in stores happy to see you, happy to wait on you because they serve God in you. Imagine customer service people happy to be of service and to serve you. Imagine when business is not business but fruition of hearts’ longing for themselves.

Imagine all friends being good friends and truly happy to see one another. Imagine life without burdens. Imagine life in its natural state of love. Imagine bright light everywhere, radiance everywhere, loving hearts everywhere, and everyone loved and loving, only loving, being love, emanating love with no fuss about it.

Imagine everyone into love. Imagine cows not taken from their mothers. Imagine homes for every dog and cat. Imagine no homeless, no orphans. When there is love, who could be homeless? Who could be an orphan? When love abounds, love abounds. There will be no lack, for everyone will love and love well, love amply, love effortlessly, will love for the love of it.

Misunderstanding will not exist. Understanding only will exist. And, yet, if someone misunderstands, he understands a different way, that’s all, and no one will mind. Diversity will exist as agreeably as harmony. Where there is love, where can misunderstanding be? Hearts love. Minds have differences of opinion. What will opinion amount to in this world of love that We are creating? You don’t think I’m enlivening life in the world by Myself, do you?

Of course, you are My angels, My elves who follow My Will, and follow it gladly. It is My Will that you love and love and love more. I created you for love, and now your love is singing all over the world, and with so much light, how can the world stay the same? –