Sun Activation of Your Lightbody

Lisa Transcendence Brown


Every day, it is imperative to get somewhere where at least the crown and 3rd eye are exposed (whole body is better) to direct sunlight. Even when there is not sun, you can do this, yet the actual sun allows for one to expand more “in-the-moment”. For you ARE the sun!

Sit or lay facing the sun with your eyes closed at first. Breathe it in to your entire BEing, through your 3rd eye, slow, long belly-expanding breaths and on the exhale, slowly release to tune your body & your breath together at the same time. If, on the exhale, you feel to emit a “tone” in your breath (I call this “toning”), you can actually tune, in frequency, as you release your breath in a slow natural tone. The slower & longer the in/out breath, the more you are able to tune within.

Fifteen minutes is enough to activate, yet the longer you do this, the more you will notice the affects and cellular changes within. You will feel tingling and expansion throughout. Feel yourself connected to all there is, feeling love and peace filling you and radiating out to all as you breathe.

Excerpt from: “Navigating Dimensions: Awakening & Ascension Guide Book”

by Lisa Transcendence Brown
Available on Amazon:…/…/0615921051