When the heart opens, light activates …

Lisa Transcendence Brown

When a StarBeing awakens in a human body, into a human reality, it is a startling and confusing experience. This brings much confusion, anger and inner pain … the separation from the feeling and knowing of “HOME” within. For each it shall be different as to how one chooses to enter/re-enter this human experience and awaken fully again. For the context of this writing, we shall unify the separated terms of Galactics, Celestials and StarBEings to be the same, as they are. Different aspects, we shall identify all by StarBEing here.

As StarBeings, the human reality does not make sense. IT does not conform to that which WE know and understand. The more we try to fit into the human reality world the harder it is. For we are forcing ourselves into a physical reality that goes against everything that we truly are. Our purity, our knowledge, our light and our love.

Now, those asleep and newly waking up “think” the opposite of how all truly is, for these are on the other side of the light tunnel/vortex still. The human aspect cannot truly see. It tries to fit the “not understood” into human boxes. This creates much stress and pain to have to turn around and purify and cleanse.

Because there are so many ways that a Galactic StarBeing can incarnate into a physical body vessel, we must look at each perspective to truly understand. For a StarBEing can awaken at any given time. It can be upon the first breath at physical body birth, it can be during childhood, in the teens, twenties, thirties, forties and later… for every soul incarnating on physical density earth is always trying to awaken. It’s the trying to fit into human, being “pushed” into human realities that decides one’s activating of consciousness/DNA, for both are the same.

Every StarBeing chose a specific journey here. The amount of suffering will be indicative of the human families chosen and their consciousness, the external environments and consciousness of this as well. The more conscious the family, the more the Star Child/BEing is allowed to evolve naturally. The chosen human experience will occur along the way. One may be much older when this occurs, as there is distortion within all who chose a physical body that was not already “light” and held illusory programming that needed to be cleansed and purified for physical integration of one’s own light to occur.

Now, the awake StarBeing holds encoding DNA abilities in their expanded consciousness. The physical body must be allowed to integrate to the consciousness of the StarBeing, not the other way around. Where we didn’t understand we tried to integrate into the human body and go to sleep. That has changed. Awareness and understanding of how Consciousness, DNA and the Crystalline LightBody work together makes that difference now. NOW WE have the knowledge of how all works again. NOW WE do not have to try to do it the hard way or SHAPESHIFT INTO HUMAN. NOW WE can open our consciousness to the Ancient Knowledge that holds the KEYS to pure evolution without suffering anymore. It will be up to each to desire to utilize the information though for it will not conform/fit into human concepts. These go WAY beyond that.

A StarBEing holds codes and sequences beyond the human understanding and the physical body is a storage container, if you will. When a StarBeing is “forced” into living as a human by unconscious humans, their expanded consciousness is suppressed and “shut down”. This shutting down is what we call “going to sleep” or “the slumber”, also known as amnesia between the realms and veils. It stagnates the StarBEing and forces their DNA to distort itself and to separate off in order to survive here. This creates discord within the physical body vessel, physical pain, emotional pain and suppression that ultimately must be REVERSED back to purity and love again. The magnitude that one experiences this “force” through not understanding will determine the amount of distortions created, suffering and reversal necessary to re-program back to light again. Where an individual does not understand, they will do this to their self. This is why it’s so important to re-educate all according to the higher frequency realms of NEW Earth NOW.

Evolving back from human to Galactic StarBEing is what WE call “Reverse Engineering”. We are reversing the affects that going to sleep, also called unconsciousness, does to the physical Star BEing here. Now, the StarBEing must be believed and validated, for they are expressing their own experiences, understandings and knowledge that they came to share here regarding other/alternate dimensions, timelines and realities that the human cannot understand or even perceive as real. Believing them, listening to them and sorting through any distortions (fear or pain) is necessary to assist the HUman STARBEING in evolving in Light here. Now, for the displaced StarBeing, it’s important to understand that any incarnation here was a soul choice. Accepting and understanding this is necessary and key to our ability for integrating and functioning here.

The integration of a STAR BEING in a physical body is a delicate one to understand. It takes an open mind and heart to actually assist with the natural organic evolution as it NEEDS to occur for all of us NOW. Fear and the need to fit all into a limited thinking and all-knowing box is what CREATES THE DISTORTIONS and shuts down expanded consciousness. The physical body must be assisted naturally to raise it’s vibration and cleanse any programs held within the body vessel, so that the LIGHT KNOWLEDGE of the STAR BEING can merge with the body and the body hold the consciousness of the HIGHER FREQUENCIES that are trying to integrate into a vessel of a lower density consciousness.

DNA/RNA ADAPTS to it’s surroundings, to the consciousness that it is exposed to. DNA/RNA are a response to all stimuli and exposure. This is why it is so important to remove the distortions and CHOOSE what to introduce into your reality world. For every nano-second one is SHAPING their existence into human or back into the higher density realms of true 5th Dimensional NEW Earth Existence.

Many look at SHAPESHIFTING and fear it, not realizing that as humans we all shape-shifted into human. We took on the traits and characteristics of the transmissions of our human surroundings, families, friends, animals. WE CHANGED OUR OWN DNA by doing this to ourselves. NOW, as Gamma Rays flood from within us, our genetics, cellular memory consciousness, molecular structures and body templates are re-coding BACK to PURITY and BACK to WHO WE TRULY ARE as Galactics and STAR BEings here NOW.

Where one finds it hard or suffers is when they do not understand BEYOND their own fixed human comprehension and they let their stubborness, pride, need to be right or victim mentality create a reality of fear, suffering and mental/physical/emotional pain/discomfort to have to turn around and clear.

The PHYSICAL BODY is being upgraded in PHOTONIC LIGHT. These Gamma RAY (radioactive electromagnetic plasma) blasts are continually restoring consciousness to the Galactic StarBEing. The impurities are human and galactic/Atlantean/Ancient distortions that we are clearing from this existence here. It was our chosen journey, yet now all awaken to move beyond the limited human experience to fully REMEMBER again.

Awakening can be an extremely traumatic experience for the StarBEing when the chosen experience included other unconscious sleeping humans as family and friends here. Each must transcend these experiences and all separation from SOURCE within. Coming together to support each other in organic evolution of consciousness is how all do this now. Sharing of knowledge and releasing competition is necessary. Every soul has a contract/agreement to assist each other with the awakening of consciousness process now.

The need for a human experience of separation will be determined by “how human” one chose to experience here.

When one awakens, the body has been asleep. Some are walk-ins, some incarnated at birth and now we have “walk-throughs” and “pass-throughs” and many others coming through. Only the human needs to put this in a box to understand it. It doesn’t really matter, other than how one chooses to DO from this moment NOW.

Fear, the mis-perception of the unknown, will create more physical/emotional suppression, pain and suffering. WE end the resistance, the fight, the battles, the pain and suffering by opening up our heart AND minds to synchronize to the higher frequencies of light. We do this by utilizing the ancient knowledge shared and flooding forth in a multitude of ways now.

WE are not shapeshifting into a foreign or feared thing. WE are re-evolving back to our original existence now. WE shapeshifted into human to survive the misunderstood experience. Now we continually purify the distortions held within every BODY of consciousness, so that we can RETURN to our purified existence. Our physical body vessels evolve from carbon-based to crystalline. Our structures continually upgrading, clearing old gridwork of consciousness in the physical body structures where it was stored in the bones, muscles, teeth, glands, organs, flesh, skin.

High Frequency Light activates our Crystalline, etheric crystals and transforms them into real ones. Our Star Particles activate and itching occurs under the skin as it breaks out and the massive amounts of Gamma Rays/Radiation is beyond HUGE inside the body now. Burning will occur when massive amounts of SOLar LIGHT activate inside the body. Large physical crystals will break down inside to become crystalline particles visible within the physical body. The bones, teeth, skull, joints, organs all have crystals activating inside of them too. These crystals are transmitters and receivers of frequencies of the higher frequency realms that we now walk in here. Eyes are adjusted and the brain opens neural pathways to the entire universe/cosmos too. The whole body continually re-tunes itself. Light runs through the structure and transmits holographic realities from within. Actions by the WALKING BEING and the amount of PURITY LIGHT HELD (embodiment) determines the bandwidth that one can walk in, experience in the physical, the collectives it belongs to (Old Earth or NEW) and the continually changing hologram that is a response to the gridwork one is connected up to from within.

The human aspect does not like to hear such things for these do not conform to their mentalities or beliefs of how this whole experience works here. Only when the heart opens, does the mind open too. It’s when one fully opens up to the “unknown” or the “beyond” that their consciousness expands again. When the heart opens, light activates where ancient knowledge and higher-self-wisdom is held within one’s own physical structure and energy field. It’s through higher-heart-intelligence that one can activate their own PURE DNA to clear distortions and impurities of their own human’ness within.

All are here to merge and unify to release the SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS that kept one unconscious and asleep. As these long awaited gamma rays continue to increase the bombardment of galactic light, intensity and distortions shall be magnified to make visible any old density programming and illusions still held within. The old matrix gridwork gone that kept all held together before, bizarre and extreme is the new way for one still holding onto the need/desire to remain unconscious.

Expansion of Consciousness is the only way that one can exist on NEW Earth. Old Density Earth gridwork collapses inside the earth, outside the earth, inside the human body and out in space too. These were all energetically linked together, yet now the only gridwork that exists is the GOLDEN AGE CRYSTALLINE GRID that now activates at an exponential rate in all simultaneously now.

Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Field, the Unified Field, Sacred Geometric Symbols/Numbers/Shapes, Portals, StarGates, Re-Programming, Cosmic Light Upgrades, Higher Self Light Embodiment, DNA/RNA/GENEtic Re-Coding, Crystalline Star-Light BEings, the LightBody, Expanded Consciousness and Multi-Dimensionality… these are all a part of our language as Quantum Light BEings here. Mastery as an Energy in Form is how we understand all again. Experiencing is the only way one truly understands, unless something occurs to get the heart and mind open. Expanded awareness is how one can utilize ancient knowledge to navigate and experience through an alternate dimension/timeline, instead of the harsh uncomfortable unconscious one. Until then it is a concept that the human aspect wants proof to believe. Proof first is an undesirable experience. Honoring first delivers proof through magical ways. Miracles are the humans words for what is natural for us here.

Each shall now be awoken to their own multi-dimensional existence again. Life as it once was known is no longer. Life is through heart-connected-existence and INNER-EVERYTHING. Sacred honor, integrity, peace, joy, harmony, love, respect, consideration, gratitude, appreciation, sharing and intentional action AS LOVE is how we exist here. Each must do this “first” from within. They shall receive the same in response to that which they hold as their “new way of being” now.

The Unified Field is how we exist. It is not a thing we tap into and use for our benefit. Part-time dedication will render an experience that is not preferred. Our NEW EARTH Existence requires that all human lack be purified, cleansed and purged. Separation cannot exist in these frequency bandwidths here now.

All that you see occurring in your outside world is to show you what is inside of you. All that you know inside through the truth that you feel and resonate with from within, this is what guides you in every moment now. This is the direct path back to what you have forgotten when you went to sleep too. The forgotten is no longer… as all becomes visible through open-heart-mind-consciousness and unification again.

I love you! 

Lisa Transcendence Brown
WayShower, Multi-Dimensional Ascended Master, Author, Light Embodiment & NEW Earth Existence Guide
Excerpt from upcoming book 4:
Galactic/God Consciousness: Our Evolution AS THE Advanced NEW Earth HUmans