Experiencing the other dimensions

Today’s Energy Report Thus Far: Super High Solar Electro-Charging Winds, Gamma, Diamond Razor Frequencies, Pineal, Heart, Crystals & Lucid Dreamy

Lisa Transcendence Brown

We’ve got gamma entering into the “sleep to wake up”, chill to integrate and let your body do what it needs to do energies, don’t try to hard, let your brain/body relax. These charge and super charge if we go huge, stimulate, excite and scatter… These create the flutters and heart palps, these awaken the body, cut through the veils of amnesia (we have Diamond Razors in these too). Super high Solar electromagnetic wind, with plasma this morning… lots going on. Honor your process and you and listen to/love/support your body as it speaks/communicates with you. These activate the crystals in our crystalline structures. Pineal, eyes, brain, spine and more. 

These can confuse you if you are not present, paying attention and listening/observing… these can create chaos, if you have any conflicting energies inside of you. Higher and higher we go.

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lots of lucid dreamy for everyone lately. Wake and sleep state. Experiencing the other dimensions. Walking in these has been beyond exquisite for sure!!!