What Dreams May Come

Heavenletter #1523
Published on: January 19, 2005

God said:

You like to think of life as falling into place. You believe it does when you get the job you were waiting for or the check you hoped would descend from the sky or you find the exact color dress or truck you have been craving. You would like the song of your life to be entitled “When dreams come true” with a refrain of “Right now, instantly, always.”

You may be sure that life is juggling itself into a position to fulfill all your desires. Maybe this square here has to move over there in order for the square you desire to fit in. Maybe your life right now is making way for your good fortune. Beloveds, with that in mind, your life is in place right now.

You also know that life can seem hopeless, dark, and dim to you, and then it can turn around and become bright gold.

Not only is your individual life being juggled cosmically, but so is every other individual life. Every part of the mix has to be considered. There is the life of families, of corporations, organizations, towns, cities, counties, states, countries, seas and galaxies. There is more going on than you can possibly compute, but there is nothing too far away for you. There is nothing that you cannot have or be one way or another. Nothing.

I am speaking deeper than the surface, you understand. You may desire to be a policeman but because of an eye injury, you are not allowed to become a policeman. What is your desire beneath the desire to be a policeman? The way will occur to you or present itself when you do not pout. And you may find that this other venue is greater than your initial desire to be a policeman.

Please consider that life is helping you out. It is on your side. What you desire, life will help bring it to you.

Sometimes you have desires that are contradictory. You want a family, but you don’t want to be tied down. You want a great career, but you don’t enjoy the corporate world. So life tempers you, and life settles you down. And sometimes it simply doesn’t know what to do with you. Do not blame life or fate because you are not clear.

But also do not think that desires unfulfilled are your fault. There is no fault. There is no accurate way to scan the past any more than there is to scan the future.

Sometimes you liked an idea more than the reality. What you thought you wanted wasn’t what you wanted after all. Life is made of many piñatas, not one. Life is for the asking, beloveds.

You can take joy in others who have their desires — which were also yours — fulfilled. If you wanted to become a millionaire and have not yet, you can enjoy the spirit of those who became millionaires. You can enjoy hearing about them or reading about them, the same way you can enjoy jewels even when you do not own the title to them. In that way, you enjoy millionaireship. And in this way, you are learning.

This life you have right now is the life you are leading. Whatever your life is, you are leading it. It is yours. Take pleasure in what you find and keep going forward.

Your life is a direction you go in. Keep going. You do not yet know what dreams may come.