A Wonderful Bonus

Heavenletter #5241
Published on: April 1, 2015

God said:

If you are too busy, you are too busy. Yet some are busier than others.

There is nothing to prove in being busy or over-busy or even over-worked.

Many of My children don’t know what it is to be overworked. There are lands where people work twelve hours a day for seven days a week. There are lands where people live where they work. There are lands where children work. There are lands where people know only work and think nothing of it.

It is true that I believe in rest. If you must work long hard hours, and you don’t get a day off, then rest your mind and what you feel as you work. Sometimes people think they must have perfect work that they would love to have. Be okay with or even glad to work whatever is and not begrudge your hours.

Whatever work you are working at right now, give to it your fullest without complaint. Maybe it is the complaint that wears you out more than the job.

You do not have to be over-tired. If what you are doing were named something else besides work, maybe you wouldn’t mind so much.

Maybe We should call work celebration. If you thought you were fortunate to work long and hard hours, if you thought it was a good thing to work hard and long, not to complain about it at all, how tired would you be?

Perhaps you tend to pay a lot of attention on your resistance to work. As always, with everything, what if you switch one feeling for another. Why not take a second look at how you feel about things. You don’t have to always feel the way you have always felt. You know, it’s not always so bad to come home tired from work. Of course, it’s better to come home not tired, yet you can be grateful either way.

Be assured I am not inducing you to work harder or longer and dance about it. I am, as always, wanting to bring you over to what is good about what you do rather than what is bleak. If you work hard, and you sweat, be glad that you sweat. If you work in the Antarctic in sub-zero temperatures, be glad you have good winter clothing. There is another side to everything, and often enough you want to walk over to the other side to see the benefits you give and the benefits you receive. A blessing is a blessing. Let what you do itself be a blessing to you. Let you yourself be a blessing to yourself. Yes, of course, be your own blessing. Be a true friend to yourself. You can be true to yourself. You are made of many possibilities.

It is a fine idea not to be suffering. Whatever suffering you can take away from yourself and the world has to be a good thing. It’s hard for Me to see any virtue in suffering. I don’t see suffering as something to think well of. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to work hard and long, then don’t add suffering to your working hard and long. Leave it out. Why would you want to keep it? The last I noticed, suffering is not a badge of honor. What if suffering is a dishonor instead? In that case, would there be so much suffering?

What if not suffering became a fashionable style in the world! What if you were given a great bonus for not suffering? Of course, that’s already true. Not suffering itself is a great bonus. What would you like your children to emulate of you?

A change of attitude is a wonderful bonus. What about reversing some of your ideas and taking a whole new look at the world you may have tended to take for granted? Is that not also a virtue to bless yourself with?