Within the Solar System

Heavenletter #1973
Published on: April 17, 2006

God said:

Have you noticed that I shake up your thinking? I tell you that many of your thoughts are not only obsolete but that they were always off in left field. I say something opposite to what you have thought, and, for a scant second, you think: “Oh, God is mistaken.” In another moment what I have said sinks into you. It sinks in, and in so doing, it raises you up. The more you sink into My thinking, the higher you rise.

Yes, I shake your thinking. I rattle it. I turn it upside down.

The world’s thinking, which you so innocently adopted, has to be off-center, or the suffering the world has entertained would not take precedence over the beautiful and true. And now many of the ideas you have held close to your breast are sliding away, slipping off the cliff of your thinking.

Confess. Most of your thinking has been off-base. This is not meant to offend you. It is meant to open your eyes and open your mind and heart to admit wider perception. We want to widen the sweep of your thoughts so that they encompass Infinity and so embolden the world with bright light and bright love that are yours to give, beloveds. Yours to give.

The world, as you presently view it, is just not big enough. The world is like the many hearts that inhabit it, inhibited, even bedraggled. You will rescue your heart and the world together with new thinking and open-heartedness.

Come, let’s take the world out of encumbrance and raise it like a toast to Me:

“To God,” and you clink your crystal goblets of thought, and say: “Here, here, God, it is for You that we raise our glasses and the saddened world. You wish us to see Creation as you made it. You made it according to Your vision, and no longer do You wish us to see it according to ours.

“God, we offer you this toast in honor of great life on Earth. We know that the formula for great vision is great love, and that you have given us both the vision and the love. And for that, we thank You. We thank You with our hearts, and we thank you with the way we live our lives on this very Earth.”

Beloveds, I cast My heart in the waters, and I trust in you to pick it up and hold it close to yours, and so our hearts quietly embrace in Oneness. Beloveds, what can the world not be when Our hearts are yoked? What can Our hearts not accomplish when you know there is no grindstone to push, no Earth to shake, but only your misperceived perceptions to move?

So, yes, let Us toast a fond farewell to all the perceptions of the past, from all past drama and recorded history. Let’s drink, not to the banishment of war and all the suffering that causes it and it causes, but to making such encounters hold no attraction. When hearts are pure and primed with love, what occasion could possibly attract a war? Even the thought of war will no longer exist. In that sense, war will have been banished.

There is a planet Earth that revolves in the Solar system. Solar system is the system of the Sun. What is the Sun but bright light shining, and what are you with the rising of your thoughts but pure love shining, letting the world bask in your light, letting the world roll over in delight, letting the world be the picture I painted and which you are beginning to see with that awakening heart of yours.

Our hearts embrace so that all the world can see as We do see. The entrance to Heaven for everyone is through your heart, and so you keep your heart open and open more and closed to no one.