Intentional Realities Replace Unconscious Ones


Lisa Transcendence Brown


You are here to ANCHOR your highest vibrational realities in YOUR PHYSICAL now. Your human won’t understand. You will have to connect DEEP inside (and for some “up” until it’s inside), yet the guidance you seek will challenge your human, for none of this process is as your human “thinks”.

I have seen many judging this process, speaking of “how this is done”. Until one has actually DONE IT, they don’t have the knowledge to truly understand. They are speaking from perception (human calls this opinions and knowledge perceived through their own lens).

Until your physical body goes through the intensity of these plasma upgrades, the intensity of the crystals forming in your bodies, the running of PURE SOURCE LIGHT through every cell and vein, the restructuring of your entire reality, from collapse mode to rebuilding, from the ground up, in accordance with the highest consciousness possible and LIVING as a NEW EARTH, HEAVENLY CELESTIAL GALACTIC LIGHT BEING, one cannot truly understand.

Judgement goes out the window. Limits and mis-perceptions do too. Sitting around “telling others” goes, for each starts to realize that SHOWING, SHARING, BEING is the only way we DO this reality here.

Our physical body upgrades come first. Our vibration is most important, as we cannot BE/DO that which we came here to accomplish if we compromise this. AFTER we have “learned” how to function in every dimension simultaneously (and all along the way), then we start to step into our ROLES and fulfill our own Soul’s purposes/missions here. As we do, our UNIVERSE (US) starts to not only support us, but provide for us IN RESPONSE too. As we UNIFY INSIDE a multitude of dimensions/realities converge in this physical one here…. for us.

Humans are focused on separation and self, which is what creates lack, loss and other variances to occur. UNIFIED LOVE BEINGS are focused on their light quotient, their physical body upgrades so that they can hold a vast amount of light that transmits realities easily. They/we focus on opening portals, activating stargates, walking in/through multiple dimensions here. We embrace our galactic and sacredness and we don’t let anything get in the way of what we came here to be/do, which is usually ourselves….. Once we get a grip, once we focus on what’s truly important, once we focus our energy intentionally, every Quantum Particle, obliterating unconscious realities is easy, for we do not need/require/desire these in our own physical reality world anymore.

EACH MUST DEDICATE to the upgrade process that now occurs. Each must UNIFY inside or outside cannot align and collapse is what occurs.

We collapse intentionally, because we know what comes is more awesome than before. Avoidance creates a reality of unconsciousness (karma to the human). Karma is just the playing out of unconscious programs in the physical one. We all have/had Karma to clear, on many levels and then once we do, it’s not karma anymore. It was just unconscious programs from all of our existences. It seems huge and it is, yet it’s so completely DOABLE when one embraces with every fiber of their being and dedicates everything to a NEW EXISTENCE of awesomeness now.

The moment each becomes conscious, then choice in ‘how’ to clear old programs ensues. Lots of sleep for the physical body template to continually clear, the physical body to tune/re-calibrate and the physical reality to re-align faster is how we do this here. Each came here to completely transcend different karmic/unconscious cycles of eons of simultaneous existences that occur in this now. Human, galactic, relationship, love, sacred, abundance… these all have unconscious karmic cycles that have to be cleared from each’s akash/halls of records. Focus on your vibration, embodiment, expansion and this occurs naturally for you. Your physical reality will PRESENT TO YOU and your choices/actions dictate the physical experience you have here.

Earth has many dimensions that overlay, separate and converge at a higher frequency continually now. The bombardment of LIGHT is a gift that you/we have all waited for. Your resistance or embracing determines your own experience here. The dimension you physically occupy is determined by your physical body vibration. When the integration of your own SOUL LIGHT becomes your priority, all will get easier for you. The physical body upgrades will be intense to your human, because you did not come here to stay human. You came here to become the multi-dimensional being that you truly are……

Multi-Dimensional Super Quantum Earth… you are not on the same earth anymore. 

Humans get caught up in the words. You must go beyond the words and to the ENERGY of all to truly get it, see/understand, in order to DO this beyond what all human’s say is even possible. It’s not only possible, we’ve already done it. 

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Ancient Elder and Guardian of NEW Earth, Galactic Light BEing in physical form