The Throne of the Universe

Heavenletter #2412
Published on: July 3, 2007

God said:

Beautiful soul, all you can be is a beautiful soul. There is nothing else you can be. You will know this when you are no longer attached to all the trappings of the world. When you put the trappings aside, that’s when you will come out of the cocoon of your own making, the tangled web you have woven of yourself. When all the extraneous paraphernalia is gone, what can be left but your soul resplendent in all its beauty? The soul of you has meaning and never wears out. This is the true you. Anything else is just sleight of hand, a façade, a dissemblance. No matter how skilled in the world you are, this is true. This is true no matter how unskilled in the world you are as well.

You believed that the world was everything, and that you were nothing, a drop in the bucket, a dime a dozen, simply a laborer tolerated on Earth, often not seen, not acknowledged, not considered, not of much significance really, so you thought.

And, yet, through it all, you are most significant to Me, and now I ask you to be significant to yourself. Don’t believe what the world tells you because the world does not know your worth. The world has kidnapped your belief in yourself and hidden it somewhere. The world has tried to convince you that you are only the masses, and you were convinced. You didn’t give up your soul, but you gave up on its importance. You began to feel that your soul and its worth were the fairy tale instead of the world. Of course, you and the world have it all backward.

Life in the world is valuable, as valuable as you, and yet the world has not been valuing itself either. A world that values itself would not have wars. It would not have frenzy of any kind. The world has neither valued itself, so how could it value you?

Now I exhort you to value yourself and the shining gold that you are made of. Don’t believe the mirrors you look into. Do not believe in the indictments of the world. Believe in Me, beloveds, and believe in you.
Let’s believe, and let’s not pretend.

That which you call reality, or the hard facts of life, are the pretense. Isn’t it strange that you hide yourself from the greatest of Truths, and accept the shallowest of fiction? I am saying that you, a magnificent soul, were birthed from Heaven to shine your glory. You are not tinsel, beloveds. You are the real thing. Any analysis of you that is less than pure gold is mistaken. You are the bright star that shines in My heart. Why is this so hard to believe?

You believe anything anyone tells you. You believe it fervently. Yet it is not so easy for you to believe what I tell you. Believe or not, accept. Come from this vantage: You are worthy. You are most worthy. You are worth everything except the punishment and devaluation you put yourself through.

Here you are, sitting on the throne of the universe, and you think you are homeless, sleeping on a curb.

Your perception is off, beloveds. You forgot Who you were. You forgot all about it. You may even think it’s absurd to think you are anything more than the physical outline of you and the accumulation of habits and false prophets.

I extol you to believe in Me, and to believe what I say, so that you may believe in yourself. Never mind other people’s distorted view of you. Begin to see yourself clearly now, and you will see others the same. You are a mighty shining soul. Accept this true appraisal of yourself, and make it your own.