God’s Will, Your Choice

Heavenletter #905
Published on: April 13, 2003

God said:

One of the most powerful aspects of life is your awareness. You have choices with it. You make choices constantly with your awareness. You may think that your awareness must go to what comes in, and that therefore your attention is at the mercy of what appears before you, but your awareness is something you turn. You turn your attention here or there. You turn the dial of your attention. It may seem that it is turned for you, but ultimately, you are the tuner of your own awareness.

What do you attend to? And how much? How and to what degree do you apportion your existence on Earth? Your awareness is a prime factor in your life.

You have everything in the world to choose from. You have more than two choices. You have infinite choice. Contrary to what you may believe, your choices aren’t foisted on you. Nor is opportunity kept hidden from you. You may hide it from yourself, but that is your choice as well.

Attention and awareness are not quite interchangeable, but almost. We could say that your awareness is what you make of where your attention goes. We could say that awareness is your interpretation of where your attention goes. And yet, and yet, where your attention goes is your awareness. You are aware of it, whatever interpretation you make.

Certainly, two people see the same event, and they interpret it differently. We say they have a different awareness. Yet each has his own awareness of what he has been looking at. Your awareness belongs to you. Whose is it if not yours?

You who have found Me desired Me. And I appeared. I have no choice, yet it is My choice to be at your side. I have the same choice about it that you do, but My awareness is greater. Therefore, I say I have no choice. My choice was made. My desire is My choice, and I desire you to know Me fully. I choose to give you My awareness. It is My Will that you have My awareness. It is My desire that your will and Mine be One, for it is My desire that you have fulfillment on earth as in Heaven.

Your eyes are open. I ask you to open them wider. Your heart is open. I ask you to open your heart wider. I ask you to open your awareness. What do you open it to? You open it to unlimited possibilities. I ask you to withdraw the limits you have drawn around yourself.

Trees bud, and so do you. For you to grow, you have to extend. Break out of earlier bounds so that your awareness is greater. Open the doors of your mind. Let your mind explode into greater dimensions.

From attention, awareness, choice, desire, we come to impulse. Listen to what your impulses say to you. They are your impulses. What does impel you further and higher?

Willy-nilly, you cannot stay just where you are for long. Has that not been proven to you time and time again? Come along. Move forward. Leap forward. Fly forward.

In life, you are on a swing. You have great momentum. You are a pendulum in the world. I hold you in My hand. You can go anywhere you like. Any direction. Far and wide. High and higher. You choose, yet I hold you in My hand. No matter where you swing or how fast or how slow, you are eclipsing the imagined distance between Us.
Your awareness is ever coming closer to Mine. What can possibly hold you back when it is My Will?