Everything … is FOR You…

Everything You Are Experiencing is FOR You…

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Whatever stories you convince yourself of will be true for you. Many are unaware that old timelines have ended. They are still carrying them on with their own mentalities and lack of power/self love from within. (A disconnect from Self As Pure/Source Light from within).

Attributing what you are going through to “I’m being controlled” or “there’s anything “wrong” with me”…. is old programming running still. Everything that occurred thus far was your chosen experience and the moment that moment has passed, it becomes a hologram, an imprint a stored memory that each is here to cleanse, purity and clear on a cellular level….. It’s no longer REALITY unless you keep re-creating it to be…. by insisting that it’s still real. For you, it will be, until it no longer is….. (when you move/shift/transcend that vibration from within).

It’s important to understand HOW TIMELINES WORK….. how realities work, how all is created by each’s carried on beliefs or intentionally created thoughts…..

You have a choice, in every moment, HOW YOU WANT TO BELIEVE YOUR REALITY TO BE. This is what dictates your experience. You can be a victim or be free. You are the one that does all of this…. PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORDS that you speak and think………. these will tell you everything, if you are FULLY CONSCIOUS and actually listening AND ready to MOVE ON from that old timeline and into a magical and amazing one NOW.

Your body is awakening from the deep slumber it was in too. It will take over for you, do what you would not before…. It will ground you, take your ability to control/resist/continue the old ways away from you. It will purify whether you “like it or not”. It is coming online with OUR NEW EARTH CRYSTALLINE GRID. It refuses to hold the old distorted, illusory programs… your MATRIX changes from carbon-based human (heavy/dense) to Crystalline (Light, Crystals, Star Particles, Space and more)…..

Every organ in your body, every molecule, every atom, every CODE in your body re-written as your body template upgrades itself, as these geomagnetic/geometric symbols, equations and sequences embed themselves in your muscles, teeth, bones, blood….

As your Heart opens (whether forced open, jump started by these electrical shocks or through tears of bliss and love), your mind opens too and you SEE with new eyes, hear with your entire being, from the space of your highest heart. Your body will weaken to clear these distortions and if you honor the process and your body, doing what it tells you to do, it will be easier, as it will raise it’s vibration FOR YOU.

Your SOUL must integrate into your physical body structure. It’s just that simple. Your human will create stories, try to go to fear and old limited beliefs…. this will not work for you anymore…. you will have to move beyond these if you desire to participate in the experience for an “easier” experience here. These upgrades will push your human, beyond what you “thought” you could endure/withstand. You did not come here to “stay human”. You came here to EVOLVE BACK INTO A GALACTIC SOUL LIGHT BEING in your physical NOW.

All of the beliefs of “one day”. One day is here. NOW. Open up, stop fighting the process, trying to control it or attribute it to “something else”. The sooner you do, the easier all will be for you.

It is TIME (vibrations) to leave those old mentalities and beliefs behind. You don’t need them anymore. They played their part out. The Experiment Phase is done. It’s time to “move on” and into the magnificent awesome part now!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Transcendence Brown