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Lisa Transcendence Brown

Aloha love family!

When you look outside, what do you see? Does the outside inspire you or activate your fear? Just this answer alone will tell you which dimension you currently function in.

These ultra-high vibrations are to trigger your LightBody/Cells energetically to become Quantum (the Super Quantum), which is not on the menu of “normal” for our human anything. Where we only have a “library” of limited perceptions and old beliefs, we are limited, which alone creates fear of “this”. One way to transcend the fear is to set out on a mission, researching, reading, watching videos to help alleviate the fear when we start to experience our outside world going sideways, becoming too big and us trying to hold on with everything we’ve got. That “tightening down” creates realities that “break” and collapse. That’s the old way of doing things, for some. It’s still the way for many who don’t want to open up to hear/listen/see what messes with their mindsets of what “realities are supposed to be”.

We no longer get to pretend, hide our head in the sand or ignore. Those days (vibrations) are gone, kaput, done. We don’t get to pretend to not be enough, not have enough or not love ourselves anymore. We no longer get to give our power away to that which feeds our lack within ourselves. We no longer get to pretend that we are not responsible, not capable, not worthy. Those realities dissolve/collapse too. What we do get to do is move into another dimension, a bazillion infinite number of them, yet in order to do this we have to stop trying to hold onto the old everything out of fear and insistence that those things are true. Truth is what we believe. Change our belief and our truth changes. Align all with love and our reality changes. Hold love from within, a deep expansive love and our physical dimension changes. It is that simple. The “hard part” is recognizing what is not pure and choosing to release it easily, without struggle and accepting that more awesome things come for us every time we do. Physical matter takes “time” to form. Be patient. Hold the highest vibration from within you and physical matter in your reality will reshape. At first, not visible to our human minds, because logically we don’t understand. This is where we open our hearts bigger and let our soul knowing come through. We know, we trust, above all and this is what creates. Hold that knowing and do everything to make it happen/allow it to occur from within you.

Self-created chaos is just one of the human aspect’s ways of keeping the drama going to avoid stopping and looking at themselves. Averting attention/diverting the focus/conversation is another, to distract from truly looking and taking responsibility and stepping into one’s Sovereignty/Power and moving past judgments to return to full love and acceptance of self in order to transcend all from within.

If you really really really want to know, then there is enough information out there to assist you with this. If you are ready really really ready to embrace, then you can do this easily, just by making up your mind and putting your whole heart-soul into this and dedicating yourself to that which moves you beyond limited mindset realities and into creating/anchoring your highest vibrational realities in your physical one.

There are so many tools available to each one of us in every moment here. Shifting our mindsets from one of “doom and gloom” to one of “expecting awesome” is part of the process for us all. If your moments are filled with excitement instead of dread, openness instead of being closed-off, acceptance instead of resistance, wonder instead of refusal, readiness instead of hesitation, then you will experience a much different vibrational reality. One of magic and excitement over one of hiding, protection and insistence that realities are as you think them to be.

Earth going “multi-dimensional”, opened up this ability for all to experience now. When you look out into the world, you have to actually look to see the different dimensions and identify them for yourself in order to understand. Those filled with lower emotions/mentalities of hate, anger, hurt, pain, betrayal, selfishness, greed represent the old 3rd Dimension of Unconsciousness. Those with chaos, confusion represent the 4th Dimension where the “battle” between the higher realms & lower realms take place inside/outside and where clarity comes out of confusion, the place where the head/heart battle until the head concedes and the heart leads. Those where happiness, love, consideration, peace, working/co-existing together and unity represent the 5th Dimension. Each time you make it your “mission” to exist in a higher frequency of love over giving into lower vibrational blame, shame, judgment, fear, procrastination, worry, doubt, conflict, unworthiness and more, you shift to a higher dimension. It is that easy. The “hard part” is listening to your every thought, governing yourself, choosing the higher path instead of the easy one like before. It does get easier, each time you practice, choose and do. Eventually you have completely re-patterned yourself, re-programmed your crystals/your hologram/reality and you find it’s not only easy, it’s the only way you know now….

This is a process that continues to go higher in frequency every day, while sifting through and seeing the old, while releasing that which no longer serves a beneficial and important purposes for you/all and creating everything from within. Picking your thoughts instead of believing them. Honoring cellular cleansings/releases instead of suppressing them. Experiencing your dreams instead of not-believing them. And coming together as a soul/galactic family without the discord, distortions and drama. A family that unites as love, that works together for a common goal, a unit/team that truly respects each other and shares, because each fully loves and respects themselves and doesn’t hold out for just themselves anymore.

Your “new” realities await you. In every moment. Your vibration dictates. This isn’t about “their consciousness”, it’s about yours. If you are truly conscious, theirs won’t matter. You’ll be experiencing awesome. You won’t care. You’ll be making a difference, contributing and challenging your own self from within. You won’t need the outside reality to do this. You’ll be the entire Universe again.

Grab your power loves, open your heart and mind as wide as you can and expand your energy far and wide. Embrace from deep inside of your Soul. What you are here to experience is tired of waiting. It’s ready to come forth as fast as you are ready (faster sometimes)!

Lisa Transcendence Brown