Love Reaches Everywhere

Heavenletter #3800
Published on: April 21, 2011

God said:

Consider this, if you please. Your life is between you and Me. We are in it together. Your life is not up to anyone but Us.

Others will tell you what to do and when, and yet they are not the makers of you.

You are responsible to yourself and to Me. That’s it.

You may be sure I am not telling you to disregard your parents or to disregard your children or to disregard your employer or employees and so on.

There is that aspect in which you are responsible to everyone for everything. What I am talking about here, however, is about what you are and what you do. The buck falls here. It falls with you, dear son or daughter.

No one else is responsible for your life. I am speaking of the decisions you make. No one is to limit you, and you are the one to extend yourself. I understand that you have let others limit you, and you have credited others with your expansion as well, yet I maintain that you alone are your limiter, and you alone are your expander.

There are no buts about it. If you have a talent, and you don’t use it, you are the one who doesn’t use it. You don’t have to be a national or international star. You just have to use your talents. Are not talents referred to as God-given talents? Of course, you didn’t create your talent. I gave it to you. Talent is a precious gift, and talent is to be used.

Beloveds, the main talent you have is to love. Even if you are the greatest singer in the world, your singing ability does not come close to your ability to love. There is nothing equal to your ability to love, and nothing supersedes it. Certainly, your singing is also an expression of love.

It is not that your talents are to be talked about. It is for your talents to come out of themselves. When your talent to love comes out of itself, it appears, well, everywhere. How simple. All you have to do is to extend love. When you extend love, the love from your heart reaches everywhere. In small doses or in large, your love reaches, just as My love reaches. In fact, it is My love through you that reaches far and wide. It is all My love. I don’t mean to hog love, and I don’t. I have given you great love so that you may use it for the betterment of everyone and everything.

Let Us say for the moment that your love is an aura. Wherever you go, your aura goes with you. It is there, seen or not. Love does not call attention to itself. And yet love reaches.

You want to have a wide aura of love, don’t you? You want to be love and nothing but love, don’t you? You want to know love and nothing but love, do you not? Why on Earth would you want to be anything else? Say: “Yes, I want to be love more than I want to be anything else.”

This is the truth, beloveds, and this is the fact. You are love. I made you of love. You may have desensitized your lovingness. You may well have overprotected it, as a mother might bundle her child up in too many clothes to keep it warm. In actuality, when you overprotect your love, you make it cold.

So, now, take off the wrappings from your heart. Bare your heart without protection. Bare your heart to the world. Bare your heart to the person in front of you or in back of you or on your left or on your right. Shine that love so that the world will be what you want it to be. I say, “So be it.”