Choose Love

Heavenletter #1632
Published on: May 9, 2005

God said:

Happiness exists always. It is your natural state. Anything else you feel is an interruption, a distraction, interference, static on the line. Let it sink in once and for all that you are meant for happiness.

Why are you surprised when happiness comes? Take it as your due. Why accept unhappiness and struggle and frustration as your due? Happiness has your name on it. These other things do not. They were mis-addressed to you. You picked up a spam message, beloved, and thought it was really for you.

Life was meant for happiness, not struggle. Start laughing at the absurdity of life. Laugh when error befalls on you. Do not take it for your own.

Rain may fall, but it is not aimed at you. And so it is with life.

What is there to gain by taking anything personally? You are Eternal Being. Your personhood is a brief episode. Enjoy your individuality but untie yourself from it. You follow a wider circle, beloveds. You are vastness itself. There is no need to catch yourself in the little stuff. Next to the beauty and eternalness of the Universe, everything is small. Bother with smallness no longer. It makes you purse your lips.

Engage with the Vastness. You will never get too much of it. You will never get enough of it! There is always the more. Gravitate towards it.

However expansive your thinking may be, expand it further. One galaxy of love is not enough. There is always another, and another. Far-flung is the universe and far-flung must be your love.

You wish health, wealth and all well-being for Earth and for all those on Earth. Now extend your wishes further. Extend them beyond the beyond. Encompass all that is, and that is far more than you presently conceive. Wish all the universes and all the strata well. Wish all levels of life well. Wish well to unknown planets. Wish well to your sisters and brothers who live for a while somewhere where you do not step foot on. There is nothing alien to you, beloveds. All are your loved ones. Do not set yourself apart from any Being, known or unknown. Who or what must you know in order to love?

Love Beingness. Love the familiar and the unfamiliar. You have not yet loved with your whole heart. A whole heart is full of love for everyone and everything. Your whole heart loves the sung and the unsung. Your whole heart loves those who know less than you and those who know more. Your whole heart loves because that is what it was made for. Nothing infringes upon your whole heart. Whole-heartedness has no lines nor divisions in it. There are no exceptions. There are no exclusions. There is no judgment because love is, and love is unbounded unchattled, unchanneled, far-flung ever-winding, ever-shining, ever lighting as far as the eye can see and beyond and beyond what the Human mind has even dreamed of.

If love is unbounded, it is unbounded. And you are love. And so you must be love unbounded. Only you have cut yourself off from some of your love. You have not loved those who do not love and who, after all, are the ones who need your love most of all. If truth be known, you have not loved yourself all that much either.

What if there were nothing but love in all the world? How relaxed you would be. How at ease you would be. All disease would vanish. When there is only love, there is only love. What can exist next to love but love? Is there anything you would want more than you want love? All else palls. Choose love, My beloveds. Choose love.


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