Love Is an Energy Field

Heavenletter #1761
Published on: September 15, 2005

God said:

The basis of everything is love. Love is the Source from which all arises. Anything that is not love is a detour. As with detours, after perhaps a few wrong turns, you get to where you intended.

Energy is love. Even the energy that someone might use to injure comes from love. Strung out, weakened, diverted, distorted, it yet came from love. The energy was focused incorrectly. It was focused on misdemeanor or hate or disregard. Love had been bitten off and spit out.

Love has been stunted here and there. It has been stooped down, and yet it is ready to rise up again. Love can be misshapen but it cannot stay so forever. What has kept love down has to be lifted. The wraps on love have to be taken off.

Whatever restricts love is a dam. It is an impediment. Let there be no impediment to love.

I do not speak here of Grand Love. I speak of an engagement which is open. No stance has been taken. No position held. Therefore, no judgment. No decision of right or of wrong to boggle things. Openness. Love needs no decision on your part. It needs to be left alone to be what it is and to do what it does.

What does love do? It acknowledges Truth. It unifies, yet, in truth, there is nothing to unify, for all is already One! But your vision has been impaired. Your hair falls over your eyes. You see through narrow channels. Now, part the strands that block your view.

It is vital that you come to recognize love and to free it. It must be recognized, and it must be freed. It can stay dormant no longer. It can stay hidden no longer. Get out there with your heart and be open, and you will know love. You will see it in its many forms, even though love is formless. Love is love. It can be mistaken for other things, but love can only be love. Any shaping you give to love can only diminish it.

Unconditional love means to let your love be. You are not intended to be the decider of your love. You are meant to let go of it. You are not to hold the reins of love. You are meant to free them.

There is no need for you to decide unconditional love. It is for you to stop hampering love. Love is not meant to be piecemeal. It is not meant to be doled out. You are not to come from a position of unconditional love. Take no position on love, and your love will be unconditional.

Love is not a condition to choose. Love has already claimed you. It is your inalterable state. You are not going to improve upon it.

My cry for love in the world is not to be interpreted as meaning that you give your energy away wantonly nor that you are to let it be stolen by anyone who decides it’s theirs. You are an impartial lover. The light of love walks with you. It surrounds you. Another’s neediness has not the right to demand your love as they see fit. They must find their own love in their own heart.

You have plenty of love to give to go around. You do not conserve it. You also do not waste it. If love is an energy field, no one is to cut into yours nor make demands upon it. Love is freedom for you to give, but not for anyone to take as they would loot a store. All can enter your heart of love, but no one is to steal.