A Universe of Love

Heavenletter #1408
Published on: September 25, 2004

God said:

Sadness comes and sadness goes. It is temporary. No matter how long it lasts, it is temporary. The only thing that really lasts is love. Sadness is not love, although it often is the bemoaning of love.

Choose love every time. Where there is love, where can there be room for sorrow? When there is love, what is there to be sorrowful about? Love cannot be lost. Only the tokens of love can seem to be lost. But a token is not that which it represents, no matter how well it represents it. A token can only be representative. No matter how great the token of love, it is still a token.

A token can be lost, but not that which it represents.

If you lose a bus token, it doesn’t mean that busses no longer run. The loss of a token means you lost the token. It is not the end of that which it represents.

Do not become inured to love as you might to the sweet scent of roses. When you work at a florist’s, you become so immersed in the sweet scent of roses, you no longer smell them. But that doesn’t mean that roses are no longer as sweet as they were when you entered the shop. Even when you are not at the florist shop and are not in the presence of roses, you know that roses still are, that they bloom, and that they give off their sweetness. Roses exist.

When you leave the florist, or all the roses are sold and are no longer in the shop, you do not mourn the loss of roses. Roses exist whether they are there for your hands to touch or not. Where do roses exist anyway? They exist in your awareness. That is truly the only place where roses exist anyway. Even when you are surrounded with roses, they exist in your awareness.

Choose what you are aware of. That is what you already do. Are you perhaps more aware of sadness and presumed loss than you are of joy and great gain? That would be a cause for sadness.

You are a giant taking giant steps. You have great distances to travel. You are not meant to take short little steps. You are not meant to hesitate, nor are you meant to keep looking back. Roses behind you, roses on each side of you, roses ahead of you. You are milling in roses. There is no departing from roses when you are aware of them.

If you are not joyous with what you are aware of, then become aware of something else. It is that simple.

A sure cure for sadness is to focus on present love. Even if you feel that love is absent from your life or from your heart, somewhere there is effulgent escalating love. Love exists. Locate it in your awareness. A drop of love is still love, and love is potent. Nothing equals the dimension of love.

You extract love from the universe that is filled with it. Notice more love. That is all you have to do. Pour down love upon yourself. The stars shine love on you. It is not true that you cannot reach the stars. When you put your hand up, your hand blocks the stars. If your hand can block the stars, it can reach them. In any case, starlight reaches you. Turn your face toward the stars and absorb the love they send. There is nothing like it, this universal love that the universe shines down upon you.

You are in the universe. Earth is part of the universe. So the Earth is ripe and rife with love. Avail yourself.