Let There Be Love

Heavenletter #2099
Published on: August 22, 2006

God said:

Today let there be love. Instead of fear, let there be love. Today when you see a mouse or a bat or a spider or a soldier, let there be love in your heart. You have forgotten the idea that you can love instead of fear. Why not venture love to all that comes your way? You have that choice, beloveds.

Until this moment, it may not have occurred to you. Until this moment, you may have been on automatic. You learned a response. To eek at a mouse. To step on a spider. To run away from a soldier or to hurt a solider who is, after all, only a man who happens to be in uniform. Flight or fight response is not a true instinct, beloveds. True instinct is to love. Love does not have to be requited for it to be love, but fear is always requited. Pass on love instead of fear. Why scare a mouse? Why alarm the universe over a mouse or anything?

The thing is: you do not have to be scared. Isn’t this a novel idea?

It is fear to be afraid of. Fear makes you tremble. It is not the mouse that does.

The mouse is an innocent creature, but fear is not innocent. Fear is jaded. It thrives on itself and always craves more. Your heart is the food it craves. Fear gains a great sense of power from taking bites out of your heart.

Let fear go. Fear is of the past. It is does not have to take up the present nor the future. It is old clothing. Throw it away. It is out of season.

You have the idea that fear profits you, but there is no profit in fear. You do not have to carry fear.

The mouse is not your foe. Fear is. A soldier would not exist except as fall-out from fear. Who would need a gun except one who is afraid? One will even attack first to rule out the possibility of attack, and, so, fear fights fear in a duel to the finish.

Love is your crowning glory. Love shines. Fear tarnishes.

Wear love like a flag raised high. Be the love you are. Hide it no longer. Hide love behind fear no longer. Take a stand for love. Go with it. Let love be the side of the road you walk on. Let love be the tune you hum. Love will make no room for fear. It will leave fear by the wayside. Fear cannot keep up with love. Fear loses its oomph in the presence of love. Fear is a braggart and a blackguard. Have nothing to do with it.

Have to do with love. Favor love. That’s all you have to do. Remember it. Have it in mind. Just the way you may think of eating a sweet mango when you get home, think of love. Have it on your list. The next thing you will do is love. You will take love by the lapels, and you will hold it firmly before you. Or take love by the hand, and hold it close to your heart.

There is no chance to take when it comes to love. Love is a sure thing. It is the only sure thing. It is the only thing to rely on in all circumstances. No matter the event, love will serve you well. Remember love, beloveds. Consult it often. Wear it as a string around your finger so you will remember it always. Wind and unwind love. Drop love the way you would breadcrumbs so you will always find your way.