The Light of Love

Heavenletter #1420
Published on: October 7, 2004

God said:

What shall I do with My love for you? I would like to overwhelm you with My love that I inundate you with. Only, you see minutia instead of love. All you have to do is look a different way to see love instead of minutia. You can do it. I know you can.

You have been overwhelmed with sadness, despair, boredom, excitement, and other emotions like anger and such, too numerous for Me to mention, too life-defying for Me to mention. But they are only paste-ons, decals superimposed on love. They try to usurp love. Bright for a little while, seemingly unending for a little while, they emblazon themselves on the screen of life only for a while.

The screen of life is love. I painted the screen for you. The color I used is love. I painted love everywhere, inside and out.

You still see the blueness of the sky and the sea, the whiteness of clouds and foam, the greenness of grass and leaves, and rosiness of flowers and hummingbirds, the mauve of a butterfly bush and the palette of a rainbow. But all of these colors are painted on a canvas made of love. Underlying everything else, yes, everything else, lies love. Not love in waiting, but love full-born, love everbearing, love voluminous, love as pure as the day creation was born from it.

There is no distance between you and love, just as there is no distance between Us, the Oneness of Us. There is no distance anywhere.

Love is rampant on Earth. Earth is made more of love than anything else you see. All this other you see and see so well is a few crumbs. Earth was made of My love. I kneaded it. I watched it rise, delicious roundness of Earth. I braided it, and I placed you here and there. I embossed Earth with more love, and you are the more love I embossed it with.

Love blends with all colors. It makes all the colors possible. Nothing outshines the color of love. Only you have been dazzled by other brightnesses. But even these other brightnesses are made of love. The color of love is not invisible. But it is made of such amazing light that you may blink your eyes at it.

I bombard you with love. Here is the Vastness of Love that I have given you, and you look for specks of dust. Here is the Palace I have given you, and you presume that the layout and ambience are not what you want. Here is Creation I have given you, with all kinds of plants and terrain, with beloved animals, and beloved Human Beings set forth to love the universe as I do love it. As I do love. As I do love you.

The color of life is love. The subject of life is love. There is no object, but for the sake of language, We will say the object of life is love. Love upon love does not topple. Love is not an acrobat-act. Yet love bumps into itself everywhere and over and over again. Love leaps, and love dives. No height is too high, nor dive too deep for love.

All the momentum you have is love. Love is momentous. It is overtaking. Let yourself be overtaken with love. Breathe it in and breathe it out. It runs through your veins and your arteries in synchrony. Love is self-effulgent in every cell of your body. Let your heart hold sacred the light of love. Sacred does not mean rare. It means to know what you have. Holding sacred does not mean to keep. It means to give.