In the Silence of Love

Heavenletter #1863
Published on: December 28, 2005

God said:

Beloved, you are My heart on Earth. Your heart is pure, only weeds have grown around it. Clear your heart of the wild vines that have twisted your beautiful heart and covered it up. Only beauty belongs in your heart. My heart is unsullied. All you have to do is to simply remove the debris that has covered your heart again and again. Your heart has been cut and notched, and you have kept the residue, as though it were necessary when it is, in fact, the most unnecessary thing of all. To harbor anything but love in your heart is not necessary. It is counterproductive. Recover your heart by uncovering it. Push aside the brambles, remove the splinters and thorns, and you will see My pure heart in yours. Recover your heart by uncovering it. It exists in its natural state. Everything your heart needs is right here. Nothing has changed, only you have limited it.

Your heart is not a limited edition. Everyone gets one. You got one. I placed My heart in yours, and I said, “Multiply My love.”

And now, when your heart is most needed, you have built a fortress around it as if your heart had to be preserved with moats surrounding it. No, beloveds, your heart is to be revealed. It is to come out and take its rightful place on Earth. Your heart was never intended to be hidden.

Let no man pinch your heart. It is My heart in yours, and, therefore, it is mighty. Therefore, your heart is the most beautiful heart in the world. I gave it to you. I gave you My heart, not to conserve it but to spend. What good is a gold coin that stays stuck in your pocket? What good is a heart that stays confined? Your heart is not to be pampered. It is not to be kept aside. It is to be spent. And the coin of your heart is love.

Remember, your heart needs no object. It does not need something in front of it in order to love. There are no prerequisites to your heart’s love. All you have to do is to ungag your heart. You have put blindfolds around it, and have let it only peek through when, all the while, your heart, your beautiful beating heart, is meant to get out there, front row center, center stage, not to take bows but to give itself sprightly to all.

This does not mean that your heart has to be loud. Not at all. You do not have to throw the love from your heart like a baseball. Your heart does not have to stomp or parade. It does not have to be a bullhorn. Let your heart speak in the silence of love. Let your heart radiate. That’s all. Let it radiate 360 degrees. Let your heart be a spinning sun that lights the world from the circle of your chest.

Your heart is meant to be full of love, not recriminations. You recriminate your own heart when you keep it down on its haunches, waiting for another time to get out on the playing field. But even from any position, even from the hidden recesses of your heart, great love will come.

Beloveds, let the love in your heart grow by giving it out as if it were the only heart in the world. It is as if the world depended on it. And, of course, the world does depend on your heart, for it is My One Heart that you carry on My behalf.