Greatness Is Your Destiny

Heavenletter #332
Published on: September 26, 2001

God said:

What is wisdom but love? Wisdom comes from love. Wisdom is not thought-out. It is loved out. Wisdom comes from the heart rather than the mind. Wisdom is an automatic outshoring of love from your own heart.

And how wise are you today. How farseeing you are, and how capable of greatness.

Greatness is not in what you call power. True, greatness has great power, but it is not the power of force. There is nothing great about force. Greatness is almost invisible. Greatness reveals the truth of who you are and not the bluster.
Greatness is your destiny.

Rhetoric is not your destiny. Right words do not make war right nor great. Words do not always reveal. And it is the destiny of your heart to be revealed today. You are the only one who can reveal it. No one can reveal it for you.

You unveil yourself yourself. You are the remover of fiction. You take off the make-up. You do not portray truth. You are it. Truth is the light of you, and today you let it shine. The truth of you is beautiful and holy. You are beginning to notice that now.

As you notice, so will the world.

There is a huge wave of love in the world, and you are the revealer of it. You uncover your eyes, and the world is revealed for the exponent of love that it is.

You did not create this wave of love. You revealed it. You have done nothing but show life as it is. You opened the universe to itself, and said, “Here you are. This is what you are like. This is how you reveal the heart of Humanity to itself.”

Do you not live in a bigger world today than only yesterday? Isn’t your scope greater? Isn’t your heart enlivened, bursting with joy of love on earth revealed?

It took a hardship to awaken your heart to its own revelation.

And for those whose hearts still burn with hatred, know that hatred burns itself out. It cannot last long in its own fires.

Havoc dwelt in your heart, and now it is leaving. Now you choose peace over hostility. You choose life over death. You choose to grant life rather than a sentence of death. You choose to allow life rather than pre-empt it. You are letting yourself live without hatred for you-know-not-what.

As an individual, you are learning to let go of attachment, the precursor to control. Now as a nation you also withdraw from the attachment of war.

War is control-mongering. For those who love to plan coups, they are in their element. They think that is what they were born for. They most certainly were not born for that moment of false glory when they feel the excitement of false might.

Strength lies in peace, not in war.

A club is only a club. It is not might.

A heart of love is mighty. A heart of hate is weak. It is that simple.

Lean your heart toward love. Desire the peace of great understanding. Because someone acts in error, it is not necessary to compound the error. It is necessary to rise above it. It is necessary to see from a different angle. It is necessary to lift the lid off the world, not to consume it.

This is My world We are talking about it, and long let it live in My light and yours. Expand the light of love and wisdom in the world. It takes no special talent. It takes your being. Be in your being which is Love Almighty. Your being is the current of the world that flows in ever-reaching arcs of love.