When Gold fills your skies, You have Arrived

Anchoring Heaven on Earth  ♥ Highest Consciousness Everything

Lisa Transcendence Brown

These were the words after standing in the Energy of Heaven and all around me resonating at this frequency withphysically visible realities reflecting this. The literal Golden Age of Gaia. The words lately are The Heavens on High and the Temple Cities
We have entered Galactic Holy frequencies. Beyond Palpable. No density at all.

Aloha BE-LOVED Light family!

In every moment, our first action is to check and see if our heart is open, if our muscles are relaxed (gridwork) and if our mind is quiet ….. and then “move” from there. When we awake, before we go into exchanges, as we walk through the day….. and pay attention, as THIS DICTATES the DIMENSION that we WALK/EXIST IN.

Each dimension is experiencing very different realities now. The increased amplification of super high frequency light bombarding from/into our beautiful planet to remove the veils of amnesia and wake every SOUL up is astounding. There are no words for what we experience now. The range is from the most Divine to whatever we have yet to resolve within us. Where we’ve transcended and intentionally re-aligned our realities in accordance to our own soul/highest expression here, then this is what is reflected back to us. Everything is.

The morning when I awoke the words were “We rose from the ashes and the depths of hell to come to walk on OUR NEW EARTH NOW.” Literally… perfect words to describe a process that can hardly be described. Yes, this journey, into the core/depths of our BEing is a brilliant, intricate process that is mind-boggling and simple all at the same time. Walking paradoxes and living metaphors become our norm.

This is a vast journey where all must go inward in order to expand, UP in frequency continually, a ridiculous amount of sleep and time (space) alone, lots of nature and an entire physical body/physical reality “make-over”, if you will…. yet nothing as we “thought”. This make-over is a process that is continual, that works through every cell in our body to re-write our entire reality, re-code our DNA/Genetics and re-configure our “operating system” with all new everything. It’s one that requires our participation and moves us from victims to fully empowered Source Creators and alchemists again.

The higher we go in frequency, the more our bodies must adapt, re-calibrate and re-configure themselves. Our old dense bodies were not “set-up” to walk in multiple dimensions, through StarGates & Portals, so there is a lot of adjusting and acclimating to these higher frequency bandwidths in order to exist here, thrive and come fully alive “on the other side”.

Walking across that Rainbow Bridge means we must BE LIGHT. Literally…. the cells of our bodies activate in pure source light. Photons charge our systems to activate the crystals in our bodies, which amp up the purification process and work to bring us online with a whole new Grid System called “NEW Earth”. This Diamond Light Crystalline Matrix forms throughout our bodies and links us up with the gridwork of Galactic Earth Ship Gaia too. When our cells start shaking, we are ascending and activating our own StarGate Structures, StarGates are activating too, which open up Galactic Corridors for us to travel through. At first everything is energetic, yet the more we “practice”, the easier higher realm existence becomes. Anchoring light in our physical body structures, walking through portal and jumping through StarGates “as a regular way of being” is definitely a balancing and mastery process for us all and our lives are transformed in a multitude of ways as we do this intentionally from within.

For our human aspect, these “super human abilities” are unbelievable, for at first to us as displaced StarSeeds on a planet that goes against everything that we are, as Star BEings taking physical form and growing into Galactics… this is not only normal, we’ve waited for it, begged for it for sooooooo very long. Our human loves to go to fear and disbelief, for it’s “job”, if you will, is to “keep us from experiencing” the Divine Magic and amazingness that exists beyond the veils. Real physical realities… yes, this is very real.

Within the last month, Gaia has completed a “Re-gridding Project” that embedded new galactic holy codes within her structure and which will dynamically change realities for all. Realities re-aligned for one’s highest purposes here, there are processes where we have to “jump through hoops” and learn to listen to our higher guidance, apply this to our own reality and trust in the unknown/invisible in order to receive. Footing of the old goes and is replaced with soft clouds and realities that change on a dime. The moment a vibration shifts, the whole reality shifts. Learning to navigate with ease and building a whole new foundation takes inner power beyond, inner wisdom beyond and inner-connection from beyond to create, form/shape/mold all new realities that are in-full alignment here. These realities do not collapse or crumble, for they are BUILT on the foundation of purity and love. These are the foundations of Our NEW Earth and now we begin the next phase, where Galactic Souls step forth and unite in the physical to form a greater foundation for us all.

Thank you for your dedication, your intentional participation and for also being an intricate part of this very important process now.

Your energy is precious and so are you!

Always, love, honor and respect you!
This opens a portal for others to do this too!

Lisa and the Awesome Team!