The Beauty of Wholeness

Heavenletter #628
Published on: July 9, 2002

God said:

The beauty you see outside your window is your own. You can interpret My statement here any way you want, and you will be correct. The beauty belongs to you. It is there for you to imbibe. The beauty offers itself to you. And you are also the beauty that you see. You are seeing yourself in the foliage. You created it there, outside your window.

Create more beauty with your thoughts. Do not relegate yourself any longer to mundane thoughts — what does something cost, how will I get everything done, what is happening to the world, will I ever be truly happy.

Do you see the distaff in those thoughts? There seems to be an element of no. Come from a more assertive stance.

Think this way: “Oh, how much I desire this! It is important to me. The truth of my desire brings the means… I am moving forward today. God says all is well with the world. What does He have in mind? Surely something wonderful is in store for me today, and I will know true happiness. I wonder what form my happiness will take today. What wonders will God perform, and what wonders will I accept? What are my privileges today, and where will I scatter touches of God’s grace?”

When you look outside your window and see the trees and other plantings, you see a wholeness. You glance at perfection. You do not turn over every leaf to look for imperfection. You see greenery, and you see leaf on top of leaf, and you see waves of color and light peeking through, and when you look high enough, you see the sky above. It is like you soak in the beauty, and so you own it.

But when your view is of people walking past, you tend to see in an individuated manner. You see this one, you see that. This one pleases. That one doesn’t. You have lost the wholeness by looking at the particular, and yet the Humanness that goes past your window is also Nature’s beauty. And yet you look to be displeased. Can you tell Me that that is not so?

Today look at the people passing through your life as an arbor of trees. You do not analyze the trees. You look at the beauty of the wholeness. You anticipate being pleased. You look for the pleasing.

No matter how much you have seen the trees, each time they enliven your heart. The beauty doesn’t pale because you have seen it many times before. Every time it is new to your heart. Every time.

Oh, if only My beautiful children would continue to see the beauty in all the passing throng. How can it be that the beauty of My greatest creation is so often forgotten?

The people of the world are like the trees of the forest. Human beings grow, and each variety is precious. All yearn to reach the sun. All are growing toward the sun. Not one Human being grows down, whatever it may seem to you. Each grows Heavenward. I would like you to see the wholeness of My children more clearly. Perhaps if you would look for it — do you think that then you would find it easier to experience? So I ask, What have you been looking for? What are you looking for?

Start looking to be pleased. Look up at each being who enters your vision with new eyes. Let your heart rise up, and enjoy the wholeness.

And, if you cannot see the wholeness in another, then offer them yours. Let your wholeness overtake theirs. Wrap them in your wholeness so that they will know their own. This is My trust I have placed in you.