The Question of Love

Heavenletter #440
Published on: January 4, 2002

God said:

It is not that you are to be loving. It is that you love. It is not that you assume the role of someone who loves. It is not that you copy how it is done. It is not that you pretend it. You allow it.

When you do not feel full-blown love, then be as if you stand at the top of a hill and you have more than one direction to go in. You can choose east or west, north or south. You have a choice. Have that little awareness of choice when it comes to love, and choose to go in the direction of love with every being on earth. Giving love is not a contrived thing, and yet it is a choice, and it is the one you must choose.

Do not deny love by default or by habit.

Get into the habit of love. Make it your choice of preference.

We are not talking going through motions. You have already been going through many motions. It is not the motion that matters as much as what is behind it. Love for a purpose other than itself is not love.

You can order, however, that you not act in hate. If it is hate you want to vent, stop. Go back down the hill for a while. If it is superiority you want to vent, stop. If it is a lesson you want to teach another, stop. Be the lesson, and another will learn. They will not learn it from your will. They will learn it from your being.

You can know that you are vulnerable at the same time as you are invulnerable. You climb hills with other beings who are the same as you. You are God’s creatures, and you are Human, and you do not need to know everything. You do not need to be an expert in life. Be an exponent of it.

Remember this: there are no little things. Everything you say and do and feel has a big effect. There is no little kindness. Kindness is always big. There are no little acts. Make yours great.

You have a desire to be true to yourself, but you do not yet know what is your truth. And so you assume. You assume that you are in one place, and others are in another, when, all along, My children are in one place. You, who feel like strangers on earth, are located deep within My heart. That is your universality. And that is your individuality, for I love you, you who are right here, you who are right now reading My thoughts.

Be a rugged individual, not to assert yourself, but to express Me. Be a leader of hearts. Do not think you lead men. That is telling them what to do. It is hearts you lead. Follow Mine, and you will lead.

There is a parade of love in the universe, and you are in it. Yet all the paraders have unique steps and routes, even as there is only one destination. And all will meet at the summit of life. And all will reveal themselves to all.

Be of good cheer. Encourage your own heart. Love your own heart, and let it display itself. Your heart is your greatest strength. Display of strength is not strength. Love is.

Be vulnerable to the love in your heart. Do not be afraid of it. Do not tone it down. Do not pretend it is something else. Let love be what it is. It is you.


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