The Unguarded Heart

Heavenletter #963
Published on: Iunie 11, 2003

God said:

I love all as Myself. I know all are Myself. What if you did? What if all My beloveds were your beloveds too? What if you lived that? What would you lose? What would you gain? Do you see how practical I am?

How much of your energy is spent approving or disapproving?

You push and pull people into and out of your heart. You push them away because they don’t do what you think they should. You pull them in when they do meet your standards. For a while. When someone you have ousted responds favorably to you, you then let them back into your heart until the next time they fall from grace. You think it is their behavior that rules your heart, but it is your mind.

Open the gates to your heart and leave them open. Why can you not love everyone the same? What do you think it would cost you? You would gain so much energy and so much love. You can handle it. You can accommodate more love and more energy.

Your mind is what does the interfering. Do you see that now? Your mind is like a muscle that opens and closes your heart. The master muscle, the mind, likes to give orders, even though it doesn’t know what it is doing. It latches onto thoughts and holds them sacred. The mind changes its mind. It is all random. Must this errant mind influence you so?

The mind has programmed itself. Buttons are pushed, and certain thoughts come down like streamers. The mind is hit and miss. No matter how adamant a thought is, it is a wanderer. It comes from somewhere and it goes somewhere. It is its nature to flit. If a thought stays, it is because you have kept it.

Thoughts go in and out of the mind, and you hold on to them. How many thoughts can you hold onto? How many corridors can your mind go down? How many cells off the corridors can your mind find and keep? How many can it lock? What a fruitless task the mind has made for itself!

Please do not think that you have to defend the mind to Me. I love your mind too. I put it there. But I did not put it there to mastermind your heart. Your mind is to serve your heart and therefore serve the welfare of mankind. The man who stands before you is mankind. You have flurries of thoughts, and you dance to their tune.

But your mind is not holy.

Your mind has fantasies and calls them reality. Your mind is the dreamer. Your heart knows truth.

Your heart is not mush. The mind is. But your mind has told you otherwise.

The mind wears a beautiful uniform and leads the parade of thoughts that you watch so admirably.

Will you let your judgments go? All judgments are only thoughts. Your approval is no less a judgment than your disapproval. Only you approve of approval more than you do disapproval — in theory — while you defend your disapprovals mightily.

All judgment is a defense. All judgment is denial of truth. You are hasty to judge so you can hold yourself in a higher place. You would not judge when you truly knew the noble height at which you stand.

Unguard your heart. Let its drumbeat roll.