Truth or Ego?

Heavenletter #938
Published on: May 16, 2003

God said:

Do you not on occasion surprise yourself with the wisdom that pours forth from you? You wonder sometimes how you know what you seem to know. But great wisdom from you is not to be surprised at. What is surprising is the uncanny lack of wisdom that you too often display.

You who are made of My spirit belong to wisdom. That is the same as to say that you belong to love. Love is great wisdom. It is the answer to every question. In order for love to bloom, illusory ego has to be set aside. But ego is insidious and invasive. It has its claws stuck into you. It announces itself, but you may not notice that until later.

You believe that ego helps to prevent you from being a fool, when it is ego that makes you one.

What need has a child of God for ego? What enhancement does a child of God need? What does ego offer you but itself? Itself is an illusion, so it offers you yet another illusion, and you grab on to it as though it mattered more than Truth.

When you depend upon what the world thinks of you, you are ego-bound. What does the world’s ego think of your ego, you are asking — and often go by. Shrug your shoulders and listen to your heart instead of the errant shouts from the periphery. The world is peripheral to you. You are not peripheral to it.

Do not think that I disdain the world. I love the world. It is a thing of beauty. But the beauty of the world has been covered up with illusion after illusion, much the way your own singular beauty has been.

Something called success and all its accoutrements are revered in the world. They have become standards. But the world looks askance. It is cross-eyed. It is not for you to follow the world as you see it because that is following the past. It is for you to see clearly and so enhance the world. The world is not to lead you. You are to lead it.

The world has often sacrificed itself to false gods. False gods means illusion. What else could it mean? There is only one God, and He is not illusion. Godness is not illusion. Truth is not illusion. What altars has the world built? I think it has built altars to its false sense of self. Another word for “false sense of self” is “ego”.

The world is not limited to whatever it has limited itself to. The world is certainly not limited to ego. The sun shines through ego and dissolves it. In actuality, there is nothing to dissolve because ego has no existence on its own. It must live off others. But it doesn’t have to live off you.

Forgo ego. Forgo looking good. Forgo importance. Forgo amassing. Forgo addition and subtraction. Forgo error. The concept of error was imposed on you. Fear of error has made you forgo yourself.

Return to yourself and My heart that is steadfast there. Return. Give yourself back to yourself. Put aside false idols and acknowledge your own sovereignty. You are the master of yourself. No one else is. You are not master of any other, yet you are the leader of all.

There is a parade of life, and it follows you. You are the inceptor and preceptor of this parade. Keep your eyes high, and you will lead well.

The world waits in abeyance for you to lift up your eyes and behold the truth of it and the truth of you. Behold, you are truth, and you are love, and you are wisdom. Exalt truth now.