A Perfect Rose

Heavenletter #299
Published on: August 24, 2001

God said:

Seldom have you thought of Me as One Who Desires. You have thought of Me as One Who fulfills your desires.

Or you have thought of Me as One Who Wills.

Perhaps My desire and My Will are the same. Certainly, what I desire comes to pass.

The thought of you in My heart is the same as you.

I express a desire, and the desire is fulfilled. My desire for you was fulfilled the moment I thought it.

The form of a thought expresses the budding desire. Desire is a stirring, and thought is the recognition of that stirring. Desire is felt, and then a thought is made of it.

And yet your desire drew Me to thoughts of you. You wanted to be expressed, and you asked Me for that expression. Was it My desire or yours?

Was I lonely for you? I longed for your being in Our creation, and you longed to know something about yourself. Coming into existence, out of the egg of My being — stretching your being, as it were, elongating it, packaging it — was a way for you to express yourself and to further see yourself and for Me to see Myself. Thus a mirror was made, and Creation created Itself.

Before you could appear in the world, the world had to be created as a playground for you. From My thought, the world sprung.

All is contained in My thought. And you are contained there, and you are free to roam there.

A desire equals itself. A desire is not more nor less of what it is. A daisy is a daisy. A peony is a peony. And you are you.

You thought of yourself in many bodily forms, and so My one child was replicated in what you see as many. From the dust of My thought, from its fallout, as it were, you came into being from My being, and We still are. The dust of My thought settled, and you arose from it.

You were instantaneous because My thoughts manifest quicker than lightening. My thought is the manifestation. And your thought is also your manifestation.

From desire, from thought, arises manifestation. All this beauty that surrounds you — We created it, you and I.

Only there is no you and I. There is I, and you are My thought dispersed upon a dispersed universe. Uni-verse. One song I sing, and that is the song of you. I sing to Myself.

And you sing back to Me. We sing this one refrain, and it is called life. You sing for Me, and you live for Me because you are My desire and My Will manifested.

I am the Field you play in.

It is My heart you strum.

You are My heart’s longing for Itself.

You went out to play on Earth. I call you to Me every day, and I keep you in view. I can do this easily because We are One, and you cannot be far from My thought which is the reality of you.

You are My heartthought, My heartsong, My heart’s desire. You are that which I have dreamed of, and My dream came true. You thought you were your own dream, and you may think that, but you are Mine. You are yours and you are Mine, but you are yours only so far because the Father is not far from the child who made Him Father.

Our connection gives Me great happiness, and that happiness I desire to give to you so that you will know it and know something of the love that created you a perfect rose. A perfect rose, not encased in glass, but free to rise back to the Heaven it never left because of Me and My love for you, the perfect rose.



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