Out of the Forest

Heavenletter #4317
Published on: September 19, 2012

God said:

Feeling desperate is not for a child of Mine. Desperation does not hold you in good stead. A sense of desperation takes you to the ends of the Earth. It puts you overlooking a precipice. It puts you at the mercy of the wilderness.

In desperation, you huff and puff. In desperation, the wolf is at your door, and you would flee. Helplessness is not in your best interest. Overwhelming fear does not suit you. A sense of desperation makes you do desperate things. Desperate things are not good for your well-being or the well-being of the world.

Desperation breeds fear that may make you lose your bearings, and you may commit deeds that are unworthy of you, deeds you would never commit when you are in your right mind. When in the havoc of desperation, you are not in your right mind. The world may not seem reliable, yet you are to be reliable. And you can rely on yourself.

Your right mind is beautiful. Desperation is not. When you feel desperate, the pain is too great. It supersedes everything, good manners, good heart, good intentions. You would do anything to get away from the gnawing pain within you. Fear is a gnawing pain. You think that the conditions outside you cause your agony. You may think it is a person. You may think someone else is the cause of your pain.

Desperation doesn’t vindicate anyone. Stamp out the one you blame, and you are still left with your pain. You are left with greater pain. In desperation, pain becomes the motivator of your life.

Love is to be the motivator of your life. There is no other way. Any way but love is the long way around. Take the peace of love any time, and let go of the drama of desperation.

Beloveds, there is no choice in this matter. If you can choose desperation, you can choose love. Choose love. Let Me nudge you toward a workable choice.

When you choose desperation, you are so desperate that you think there is no other choice, and so you ravage the world and you ravage your heart. In desperation, you don’t know what you are doing. In desperation, you damage your own heart.

In desperation, you choose a board game that is not enjoyable, and you don’t know how to get off the game you have chosen. This is the house that Jack built, only this house is in disarray. In desperation, you choose defeat. You choose overwhelmingness. You choose crimes against your own heart and blame someone or something else, as if this were out of your choice.

Choosing desperation is a poor choice. It is a choice not even worth looking at. It is a non-choice. There is no end of the line. Once desperation has been chosen, it is hard to get away from.

Instead of desperation, choose choice. What would you choose? Courage? Common sense? Equanimity?

You may think that desperation has been foisted on you, yet desperation is a choice you make. It is not a wise choice nor was it ever considered so. A desperate choice is desperate. Desperation is not meant for you.

You are never on your last legs. There is opportunity. You may have to take a leap. Hurdles are to jump over, not to acquiesce to.
Have faith in Me, and have faith in yourself.

Cry if you must. Then get up and wipe your tears. There is always a way out of the forest.

There is no blame, yet there is responsibility. If you got lost, find yourself. Desperation is a pitiful last resort. You are not to resort to it. Never, ever. Come with Me instead.