God or Ego

Heavenletter #3395
Published on: March 12, 2010

God said:

What is going on in your mind right now? Whatever it may be, whatever you may be thinking about, right now start thinking of Me and My heart that is filled with love for you. You are My beloved. Just as you are, your hair ruffled, without your make-up. Of what import to Me is your appearance when I know the radius of your heart so well? What matters to Me but you, the One of Us, the Oneness of Myself?

My thoughts are not on Myself. I Who lead you have My thoughts on you. It is you I embrace. It is you I fulfill. It is your inner heart that I desire to see lighted up. I look therein, and I can see Myself in you. That is the Christmas card you send. In your inner heart are the Christmas candles. In your inner heart is My signature. How I love to see Myself jolly in your heart, smiling in your heart, poking you with My elbow, winking at you, and so I (We) laugh at Our joke. We laugh together. The joke is, of course, that sometimes you think I am your imagination and that the far-off legions of yourself are true. A sense of humor is needed when you are God.

Beloved son or daughter of My heart, you light Me up. My heart quickens when I hear you address Me, tell Me your stories, and speak of your love for Me, for I know and know well, that your love for Me is your love for yourself.

Now We are getting down to it. Now We are exposing how far you have drifted from love for yourself. Ego is not yourself. If you have been trying to appease ego, you have been barking up the wrong tree. Ego-gratification is no gratification at all. Ego is a neon light that blinks on and off and points you in a direction you don’t want to go. Do you believe Me yet? Do you believe Me when I tell you to disregard that blighted ego who would send you down the garden path onto a precipice where he would kick you off and cackle with laughter. Finally ego shows you his true colors.

Or you can believe Me now. Just don’t go anywhere with ego, for ego is not your pal.

No matter how high you go with ego, ego will kick you off a ledge. Ego has no place in your life.

Perhaps you don’t even know what ego is. Perhaps you think you don’t have any. Ego is the voice that lures you to fame for fame’s sake. It is the voice that calls you to make money more important than love. It is the voice that whispers in your ear and offers you panaceas for that which is Truth, that which is hungering for love.

Ego will talk loudly so you cannot hear My voice, for ego gives you a fancy hat. Ego is a drug that doesn’t keep. Ego is a prescription that you keep having to refill and gives you no release from its grip.

Ego does a fandango, seduces you, and quickly leaves you in the lurch, yet ego has its way with you until finally you stop listening to ego, and you hear My voice calling to you, calling you into service, calling you to pick up the phone and hear My voice. How silent is My voice, and yet how strong. Oh, beloveds, catch the vibration of My voice. You want My goods, beloveds, and you will discover that you have had them all along.



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  1. This is beautiful and insightful in the knowledge of how the ego often times wants to exalt itself above God.
    Thanks for sharing.


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