The Choice of Love

Heavenletter #1101
Published on: October 27, 2003

God said:

Say to yourself today:

“Today I give love. Whatever I do today, I will take a moment before to remind myself that I am one who gives love.

“Before I call customer service, I will remember I am to espouse love. I can make my claim, and still espouse love. Just as I take the time to dial the phone, I can press Star in my heart for love.

“The person on the other end of the phone may not yet know what service is and that he or she is to give love, but I do know, so now there is no excuse for me to give less than love.

“I send them love ahead of time. I send them love during. I send them love afterward.

“I am the one who sets the tone of my life. I set it well. I simply remember that I am a vehicle of love. This is all I am, and that is the most I am.

“This is no big deal. This is the natural way. To withhold love from anyone is not natural but a departure. When someone else does not know about love, it is for me to point the way for them.

“When someone else is artificial, I will be true.

“When someone else is ignorant or rude, I will be in my truth. My truth is love. I do not have to respond the way someone responds to me. I am my own sovereign self. I am inviolable, for I am one who gives love.

“Being kind and generous and understanding does not diminish me. I can be what I want the other person to be even when they’re not. I am more than a mimic in life.

“If I must copy, let me be one who copies that which I admire. I do not admire temper or force or any form of smallness.

“Let me be one who is copied. Let me be one who is worth copying.

“Let me be God’s footfall today.

“Let me be God’s silent love today.

“Let me be an elf of love.

“Let me be sunshine to someone who needs it.

“Let me be greater than I know myself to be.

“Let God’s Will be served, not my tiny one.

“Let me reach the summit of love today.

“Let me be all that I really am, and that is love.

“Let me be with love and see with love and exalt the supremacy of love. Let me live in love.

“Let me be one who loves with all his might. I have been angry with all the power within me. Now I will exalt the power of love.

“I AM the power of love. I am love almighty. I am nothing else but love. I don’t want to appear to be anything but the love I am.

“I am tired of being this petulant particular person. Let me be a lover of life. While I am at it, why not love? I’ve had enough of everything else, and now I will try love. I shall stand tall with love.

“I refuse to be apart from love any longer.

“I stake my claim. I place a spear of love on the earth, and so I bless the earth.

“For what avail would I ever again be without love in my heart?”

And now I say to you: Thank you for blessing the world in My Name.