Life Is Not Measured by Results

Heavenletter #1524
Published on: January 20, 2005

God said:

Every thought of yours contributes to the whole. At the same time, you are responsible for everything, you are responsible for nothing.

Leave the past behind. Do not relive it or recreate it. Responsibility is often something behind you. You have to turn around to look at it, and you say if you had done this or that, the outcome would be different. Maybe it would. But you don’t know. And what is the benefit of drowning yourself in thoughts of the past no matter what they are about? You are responsible for your thoughts. What good do your thoughts do for the universe when you quell at the past and your role in it?

Do not equate responsibility with control. Responsibility is yours. Control is not.

There is an aspect of responsibility that has nothing to do with results. When you measure your responsibility in terms of results, it is too easy to fault yourself — or inflate yourself. As a responsible person, let go of the shawl of responsibility named regret or recrimination or exultation. Too often responsibility is mixed up with blame or pride. Blame and pride are two coats of the same color.

And now is the summer of your responsibility. Throw off your winter clothes. You don’t need them.

You can bear too much responsibility. You are responsible right now for a joyous day. Start now. Throw the past over your shoulder like salt.

The past is something that hangs over you. You have too much to do to be burdened with responsibility of the past. You might as well make yourself responsible for every typo in the world! If you are going to worry too much about typos on the page or typos in your life, you will be paralyzed, and it will surely be hard for you to make a move or a decision. It’s all right for you to be smarter now than you once were. That is nothing to cry about.

Carrying the past is carrying hurdles to put up in front of you. Your history does not have to repeat itself. If you have been wrong or foolish, straighten your shoulders and let go of foolishness now. Is it not foolish to parade your possible past errors in front of you? Surely there is something better for you to do.

The history of the world does not have to repeat itself either. Isn’t that what We are working on, you and I? Let’s change the present of the world. Let’s change its currency of thought presently inherited from the past.

What if you didn’t know the history of the world? How would life be different? Who would be afraid of another? Who would know the borders of the world, and who would be confined to them? Who would judge? There would be no basis for it. The past itself is no basis, but it is considered one just the same.

Facts are not a basis. Let your basis be charity. Greet each soul as if they and you are both fresh from Heaven. Let not old thoughts be harbored to interfere with the charity of love. Charity is clarity. It is love seen in its pure light, the love that shines on all.

If there were no past, there would be no offense in the present or future. Certainly, you would not take offense. You would take joy instead. All would be beautiful, for you wouldn’t judge beauty according to a past picture carried in your mind. Without the dungeons of the past, you would be free right now. All barriers would have melted, and you wouldn’t see them.

Move in the world today as if there had been no past. Life is beginning right now.