Lisa Transcendence Brown

Every moment now, something POWERFUL is occurring….

Energetically we are in the most substantial phases ever. This shall continue to be increasingly true. These immense frequencies “take no prisoners”, leave no stone un-turned. They support those who are fully on-board and obliterate the realities of those who are not.

This is a deep period of self-love, a deep shift from human to NEW EARTH HUMAN, a deep shift from linear to non-linear/Super Quantum, a deep shift from separation to unity consciousness and from “this” being about any little human individual to “this” being about THE BIGGER PICTURE and all of our HIGHEST EXISTENCES here. This is about all existences, not just the little human/earthly one that you can see. Inner vision gives you access to all existences again.

These karmic cleansings are huge. For those in the throws of unconscious programs then these frequencies are CONSEQUENCES (cause and affect) of all existences played out in this physical one here. The only way to maneuver is to become fully conscious, open your heart and ACT from a different place, one from inner-connectedness with all things…. deeply and profoundly and REMEMBER fully ….

Human gets caught up in the details. No one cares. Those are moments that do not exist… those details become your teacher for you to observe, see what you could not see, about yourself and “why” those realities occurred, all of the purposes, all of the gifts, all of the opportunities, all of your own human’ness …

BEcoming/BEing a Visionary is a gift that we all have, as our higher self aspects….. It means seeing what we are all here to BE and DO and putting your money where your mouth is, dedicating every particle of you, your resources, your everything to why we are on this Earthly plane of existence here…

It means seeing across all dimensions/timelines, it means seeing as a Quantum Light BEing instead of your little human you, it means opening your heart fully, opening your mind fully and USING YOUR PROPHETIC ABILITIES to see from this NOW, see vibrational realities, see parallels, see timelines BEFORE THEY OCCUR and see what is perceived as the FUTURE as what you are CREATING right now… it means to see FROM THE EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS VIEW of the overall everything, it means to see how all correlates, see how all effects, see the vibrations of everything and realize how much POWER AND RESPONSIBILITY YOU HOLD in every breath, every action, every thought, every time you do/don’t do, every time you go little separated human, how you effect those “future timelines”…..

As Visionaries and Propheseers, we work in the other dimensions that others cannot see yet. We work to bring forth those realities that have already occurred, because for us they are not only possible, they’ve already happened in the other dimensions, yet those dimensions are our realities, they are what guides us in this physical one here. Having access to all of our “futures”, gives us all the ability to create in-accordance to what has already happened and all we have to do is “do our part”….. each one of us…. as we all make up the “whole”.

Working from the “map” of what is to occur, working from the space of already seeing/knowing, there’s no chaos, no question, no confusion, all is very clear. What is not clear is “who” will play these roles out, fulfill these prophecies until that moment occurs. Until they show up ready, until they arrive, until we connect with their vibration, their hearts, their souls and they “show us” that they are already ready and on-board…..

These years of “dealing with” those “not quite ready yet”, those who need more proof, those who just are not quite sure, those who need to be pushed, those who still are way too human because they still put themselves first….. these moments are collapsing where “those issues” won’t be an issue anymore. Those who are not ready, will experience their realities however they “need to” in order to get ready, in order to actually care, in order for “this” to be the most important thing there is……

WE don’t have to DO anything anymore. We don’t have to try to “save” (old program), make it easy (old program) or convince (old program). All WE have to do is share, speak, re-educate, be visible, open up, hold these foundations that WE have already created in place…. all we have to DO is “wait” (we have total patience) and continue to DO from the other “future dimensions” and when human’s have suffered enough of their consequences, gotten over the finger pointing, gotten over their separation and selfishness, gotten over all the stories of who did what, gotten over their everything that gets in their way of being a part of GALACTIC NEW EARTH, gotten tired of suffering, gotten tired of struggle, gotten tired of the old ways… then the resistance energy of fear, judgment, lack of power, lack of respect, lack of pure love, lack of support, lack of being an integral part of this whole process will go and they will be ready to come on-board our Light Ship…..

NEW EARTH is a gridwork, a network, a whole new existence that can only be accessed from within. Full participation and commitment is required. Partial will keep each bound to old earth until there is no old earth left……

Our Earth Gaia embedding the Galactic Schematics, Codes & Sequences into it (and those of us who are Guardian Gridkeepers have done this too), gives us all the ability now to ACCESS OUR FUTURES vibrationally, holographic access to what was not accessible before. Each BEing must choose to release all things “past” and see them as this now. Each must release attachment to all things and realize that all REALITIES ARE VIBRATIONAL…..


Old timelines are collapsing faster and huger than anything we’ve ever experienced before. Presence, awareness and EXPANDED VISION gives each the ability to understand what is truly going on. Every reality multi-faceted and a bazillion truths, purposes and outcomes … Our job is to SEE THEM ALL.… which is something that human aspects (closed/fixed hearts/minds) do not have the capability to do…..

Each has full capABILITIES to access EVERYTHING when they so desire, when they are ready, open and CHOOSE TO UTILIZE EVERYTHING for all of humanity and our Galactic Soul Purposes/Missions here. Each will continue this purification, re-coding, re-calibrating, re-everything process to come online with NEW Earth and leave the old Matrix Simulation that isn’t visible UNTIL YOU’VE EXPANDED BEYOND IT…. to see it… fully….. from inside.

Your little human will always be confused, not understand, not ready yet…. because being a little human is a dis-connected, dis-empowered, dis-believing, higher heart/mind closed state….. YOU/Each must choose to open up fully and expand your CONSCIOUSNESS BEYOND the current everything, choose to SEE the Bigger Picture and CHOOSE to be a part of the bigger picture NOW.

Going unconscious is not an option for those who are here to be the CHANGE AGENTS and anchor higher dimensional realities in this physical here. Going unconscious re-activates Karma (Consequences) to start to play out again. Going unconscious means that you are not intentionally affecting timelines from your highest states and it means that you have disconnected from your abilities to SEE ……

This GateWay we are in now…. HUGE HUGE HUGE….. You each have a choice to keep playing in the “old” unconscious realities or shift to a timeline where everything matters and makes a difference and where you hold great power as LOVE and the PURE ONES here.

Your whole body holds the gridwork for all in it. These upgrades are to bring you/us all further online AS the Gridwork, an intricate, delicate and detailed system that works cohesively, in unity and as ONE breathing network in unison, as love, as higher consciousness, as Galactics, as Souls, Source and all FULLY EMBODIED and connected again. 

Embrace and let go of all that is no longer serving your/our highest purposes here. YOU have HUGE roles to play, huge things to contribute, huge everything when you dissolve your own separation/human’ness and shift to your highest vibrational aspect/ascended aspect you and hold this at all times now. 

Come together, unify… for the bigger picture. Now. I love you.

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth, Gatekeeper, Gridkeeper, KeyCode Holder, Carrier of Galactic Schematics & Codes for our entire existence here