On the Road of Life

Heavenletter #3685
Published on: December 27, 2010

God said:

What do you say, beloveds? What is in your heart to say? What would you like to tell Me today? What of your sorrow and what of your joy, and what of your perceived gains and your perceived losses would you like to discuss with Me? What are you coping with, and what are you not coping with?

Let your heart be a balm to the world and to yourself. A heart doesn’t need to do somersaults. A heart can be calm. You don’t have to desire excitement. You don’t have to have ups and downs. Have equanimity instead.

Life seems to give you both sides of the coin. It does not seem possible to have one without the other. And yet you can feel smooth and not rough. You can be on an even keel. Wouldn’t you like to be? Perhaps not. I am not sure that you have been seeking evenness. You may even have been seeking commotion and emotion.

Of course, life is not a still-life painting. You ruffle through life, and, yet, you can be unruffled through it all. Like a deck of cards, you may be shuffled, yet you are the light of life, and you can shine in all circumstances. What more is there for Me to say?

When you know you can choose to be a beacon light on the road of life, why on earth would you choose anything less? It must be you have chosen upset and disconcertedness, if that’s what you have. You may have felt that discomfort is foisted on you when, all the while, it is you who makes choices. As the world sees it, you don’t choose the weather. Perhaps you do. In any case, you can decide whether you go out in it with an umbrella or without an umbrella or stay tucked in bed under the covers, or, you can choose to think: “What is all this fuss about getting wet? I always, inevitably, get dried off by new sun or dry towels. The weather of life is not the making of me.”

You are not to be the plaything of the weather any more than you are the spinning toy top of life. Life may spin, yet you are someone who can stay still. Like a great ship, you can stay the course. You can ride the waves of life and come out smiling. That is My advice to you today. Come out smiling.

What is life but surfing in the ocean? You want the waves to come, and you want to ride over them gladly and gracefully. Take life in the same spirit, and have fun with life. Life is a mile a minute. Faster than any wave, life doesn’t have to overcome you. Be side by side with life. Life is your buddy. Life is your pal. Kiss life’s hand. While you are in a body on Earth, life is your best friend, apart from Me, that is.

Always, regardless of the weather, you have Me. You have Me.

To have Me means you have means. I am your Resource. Avail yourself of Me. I am yours for the asking. I am the Genie of your heart, and, yet, you are the accomplisher of your wishes. Often I will slide your desires fulfilled under your door, and there you are, smiling from ear to ear. And when your fulfilled desires take time in coming, you still don’t need to pause in life to recoup, as it were. Run along with life, and sample its wares. It doesn’t matter what metal a pot is made of, you can still cook in it. You can cook great meals in any pot. No matter what life may be at any moment, you can live it and live it well. Given that choice, why wouldn’t you?