How to Be a Blessing to the World

Heavenletter #3669
Published on: December 11, 2010

God said:

I am a God Who loves, yet I am not a coddler. I am not like a parent who spoils you. I love you regardless of anything, yet that doesn’t mean that whatever you do or say is A-OK. I do not say that anything goes. I love, and I am aware. I am both. I do not support your unkindness to another. Unkindness is your unthinkingness. So caught up in yourself, you may undo another’s heart. I ask more of you, and you will give it.

You have responsibility to take. You have responsibility for your actions. It’s true that it all washes out in the end, and none of it is permanent, yet a crime of the heart is not excusable. You cannot always put yourself first. You are to be a blessing to the world. As a blessing, you cannot always put yourself first. The biggest piece of cake cannot always be yours. What makes you think you need it to be?

Make the world nice. Open the world. Do not close the hatch down on another. Let the sun in. For even one moment, make the world worthy for someone else. You may have been unthinking, yet you are not incapable. Hold doors open for others. Certainly do not excuse unkindness in yourself. If you are to represent Me on Earth, then start representing Me.

The world needs your understanding. People in the world need your understanding. They need your consideration, and you must give it. How can you, who houses such great light, not give it? Must impatience and grievance come before courtesy?

The Golden Rule is not just a group of words. It is the secret of life. Do not disregard any other sentient being on Earth. No matter the appearance of others, their actions, their annoyance to you, you must rise above. This does not mean they are unaccountable for their ways of living any more than you are unaccountable. I will stay your hand, and I will stay theirs. This is not judging. A God can say yes, and a God can say no. I do not make less of someone by prodding them onto another road. I make more of them.

You are in My Kingdom, and you will serve the world as a gracious guest. Everyone else here is My guest, and you are to treat all My guests as you would like to be treated. You are My host or hostess on Earth. You are in My employ, shall We say. My standards are high, and you are capable of living up to them. Because you work for Me doesn’t give you any right to neglect any other. You must not kill any heart. You must not squash it. You must not put your personal heart above any other.

You may go to a lot of trouble to dress well and put on make-up. Put as much time and trouble into mounting a great steed of life and honoring those you meet. They are learning just as you are learning. A little consideration, a little gentleness goes far. This is not folly. This is wisdom. It is for you to radiate higher, and when life makes you frantic – you have an opportunity to radiate higher.

It is not no holds barred on Earth. Set high standards for yourself. Take care of your deportment. Be worthy of My Name. Distribute My heart and not your disturbance. Behave, beloved children, behave.