Think Less about Gaining Enlightenment and More about Giving Love

Heavenletter #2416
Published on: July 7, 2007

God said:

Multitudinous are the ways blessings alight on Earth. There is not one day without blessings for you. Each day of itself is a blessing. You swim in blessings, beloveds. You are inundated with them. You do not know how to count so far as to count all your blessings. You would fall asleep before you finished.

Blessings rush into your lives like fishes. You are deluged with fishes and loaves of bread.

Even in catastrophe, you are blessed. Accept once and for all that all that occurs is a blessing, if you only knew, if only you had eyes to see. Surely, if only you had eyes to see, you would know. You would know the cocoon you live in. You would know you ride on the lee side of the ship. You would know you are swaddled in My love. Your feet and heart would bounce for joy as you walk the ground provided for you. You would kiss the pavement, beloveds. You would emanate so much silent love that all those around you would wonder where so much love could be coming from. You would wonder too.

And you who read this, of course, you know from where the love comes, and that it comes from Me. From Me to you, and from you across the street and around the world. And so you favor the whole Universe with My love through you. And who is favored more? The one through whom My love is given, or the one who receives My love through you? Both are blessed, but which is blessed more?

Be a strewer of My love, and find out. Find out what it is to walk the streets of life with love in your heart. Think of what it is to be a quencher of the thirst for love. Think of what it is to put out fires of the heart and replace them with a cooling drink of love you give because you have to do something with the love in your heart. And so My love bursts through the seams of your heart, and the world is blessed because My love in your heart cannot be contained. My love blasts its way. Not even the Universe can contain My love without spilling it. My love is guaranteed. My love multiplies and multiplies, My love through you.

Do you have a clue as to the depth and breadth of My love? You have a clue and not yet a full realization.

Once you gather the depth and breadth of My love, you are realized. When you have the realization of My love and how it knows no bounds, then you are enlightened. Enlightenment is nothing you do unless you call realizing doing. This is the enlightenment that is so sought-after.

Think less of gaining enlightenment for yourself and think more about giving love. It is through giving that you receive. And surely you don’t want enlightenment just for yourself. Secondly, it is not possible. You don’t want to stand on a high mountain when most everyone else is in the valley. Rather stay in the valley and help usher others into the awareness called enlightenment. And, so, beloveds, let enlightenment be something you give rather than something you covet for yourself. No longer put yourself first in line for enlightenment. Do not push your way forward. Graciously let others go before you, and then you will see that you are, indeed, at the head of the line.