Go First with Love

Heavenletter #1100
Published on: October 26, 2003

God said:

A drop of love is love. It contains the whole. Water is water, in a jug or in the sea. Even a little love is big. Feel love now. Feel it well in your heart. Feel it surge to the universe and to the ends of time.

Even a tiny drop of love is huge.

And you are to be the giver of it. It is not your place to wait to see love before you give it. There are many opportunities for love. Some of these opportunities you call problems.

Even a drop of love changes the whole complexion of your intimate universe.

And you are to leave drops or snippets of love. Leave a trail of love that leads to Me.

Sometimes you forget you are My representative. Sometimes you forget that wherever you go, you are to be a reminder of something wonderful. When you forget, you become a fragment of a person who misses the opportunity to spark light in another’s heart.

You are to be My authentic representative of love. Love is not dishonest or dissembling. Even amidst turmoil and aggravation, you can find an opening for love.

Love lost is one thing. Opportunity for love lost is another.

Surprise the universe with love today.

No drop of love is wasted. It falls somewhere. You may think on deaf ears, but you do not know that. You do not have to be appreciated in order for love to do its work. It is love that is to be appreciated anyway, not you.

Consider love a gift rather than an exchange. Love need not be traded for love. Let love not be a bargain but a gift.

Of course, love is a great bargain. It is the pitcher that never empties. It is the bread dough that rises and rises. Love winds around the universe like a ribbon and meets itself.

And you are a dispatcher of love. Pull the ribbon of love.

Sometimes you feel raggedy, perhaps even love-worn. But love is not an effort but an intention. Remember to love today.

It is easy to swirl love around when you are free from attachment to outcome. Love is the easiest thing in the world, only you have thought it hard. Do not look to see a thank you for the love you give, and you will begin to see how easy it is. You are someone who holds doors open for the person behind you. That is who you are. Whether they say thank you or not is irrelevant. We are talking about who you are and what you are to give to the world you live in.

That you give without accounting makes you a determiner of love.

This whole world is about you and Me. It is not about what other people do or do not. You and I are the proponents of the world. You and I are the edifiers of it. You and I are the radiance of it. We turn the wheels. We set life in motion.

Today know your role as the protagonist of this drama of life. You are the hero. The hero does what is before him to do. He does not always choose the circumstances, but he chooses to rise above them. In fire he rises. In flood he rises. He is a celebrant of life. And he sparks celebration within you.

Now you spark celebration within yourself. You are the adult now. You are the leader. That means you go first. Go first with love. Dispatch it now.