New Beginnings


Lis Transcendence Brown

Aloha beautiful galactic soul family,

Wow. Beyond Wow. This is what our new higher timelines offer us all. Pure Unity, Pure Love.

This is about YOUR Energy. All of it. Every single bit. It’s been a huge phase of jumping and shifting into MUCH HIGHER TIMELINES while simultaneously releasing all not in-full alignment with our purest existence here. 

So many repetitive conversations about what is going on. Collectively there is much. Observing through our higher hearts and higher mind consciousness is key in order to understand. 

Every time we have a huge level-up-shift, there is a “dividing line” that occurs so all that is of the old unconscious programs can become visible and everyone can choose their new realities and let the old ones go/resolve all back into love from within.

There’s been lots of moving on, lots of recognizing who is “regurgitating” old “heard”, created, fixed-mindset beliefs and who is truly connected inside, listening and honoring. Many learning to trust their inner-guide/guidance, listen and honor (creating a trust relationship with their “invisible” Universe)…. 

Identifying when our hearts are open or closed… this is imperative in realizing when our heads are controlling and running the show again. 

Being totally open, allowing the most magnificent opportunities for magical and deep connected experiences to occur… this is how our NEW EARTH REALITIES ARE…. 

The rest of the time, we are focused on what we are producing, creating, transmitting, contributing and now soooooo many are coming together to UNITE, to create that even vaster network/gridwork and it’s beyond beautiful to experience as we all do. 

I’ve heard and observed so many, still running/operating according to old programs without a clue. We have to honor all’s chosen reality. Heart-mind closed & resistant energy or heart-mind open and unity energy. The lines between these dimensions are growing vaster again. This always happens while the lower timeline realities drop away for those intentionally shifting into a less dense timeline where more love, unity, peace, ease, magic, joy and happiness exist. And yes, even more physical abundance, because this is a response to our continual vibrational service here.

The days of struggle and suffering are gone for those who are choosing this. We still see many struggling to stay in the matrix and it’s mind boggling, yet we do understand…. we did it…. which is why it’s so easy not to have to keep doing that anymore.

Today is a marker point, a profound one… so IN-JOY the next beginning that now begins. A fresh new start, an exquisite one that returns to you the dreams that you have fully invested yourself in. Here we walk in our dreams, the higher dimensional realms as a physical reality here.

There are many mis-perceptions of how all comes to be. I listen to the judgment by those not ready to fully embrace, still holding onto the old… and no words can express how important it is to become fully conscious and let go.

Our human doesn’t realize it is supposed to be challenged, as this is a part of the expansion process here. It’s a part of dissolving all of that old stubborn, non-believing, avoiding and fearful/lack energy that is deep within each cell…. until it’s all gone…. and yes, it does all go once your body is living in the 5th Dimension, which is what collectives are facing now. Choose to release that energy in order to shift UP.

It’s been a MEGA FAST period of collapse, collapse, collapse… “time”…. “lines”…. which was the separation between higher dimensional realities materializing in this physical one….. Our human pushes through, gets through it all when all speeds up…. for as we do all converges, synchronized and unifies in a much higher vibrational timeline than we had access to before. Many of us have been slamming through the work part, to move realities quickly so that all can materialize instantly…..

Quantum is INSTANT…. no delay, no human hesitation (the mind) in the way…. Going Super Quantum means MANY INSTANT things materializing simultaneously and wowwwwwwwwwwwww at how fast, powerful and easy it is….. when we do the work…..

I hear “that’s a lot of work”. Yep, sure is. None of us accomplished any of this without doing the inner and outer work required to achieve all of this. I keep hearing “set the intention”… and it’s like what? Setting the intention was the old way for “one day”… JUST DO IT.… that is a “training my human process” that is no longer necessary when we go Quantum. Now, while this is one of those tools we used, you can skip “waiting” for one day or “only doing this in certain times”. That was a “separation of time” practice. This is an ALL THE TIME process here.

We are seeing many old practices, old perceptions, old beliefs still be used by those who are regurgitating “learned practices” still. Get creative, break out of those boxes, obliterate those limits, claim your new realities…. DO IT…. GO FOR IT… JUMP…. Quantum Style!

I love you all and will be sending out more inspiration and opportunities to listen to interviews/discussions created to assist all with NEW EARTH EXISTENCE NOW….. come listen and activate! WE do everything for us all as ONE. ♥ 

Identify your little human/separation/ego/old programs and choose…. You don’t need them anymore. It’s time for everyone to move on/up/over to the other side and come together with more love now. ♥

Your energy is precious and so are you! ♥
Always, love, honor and respect you! ♥
This opens a portal for others to do this too! ♥
Lisa and the Awesome Team! ♥