The Sun Rises

Heavenletter #3311
Published on: December 18, 2009

God said:

When you wake up in the morning, you are like the sun just rising. It is automatic for you to rise out of bed. And, now, begin to think that you are rising in order for your light to shine on the day. With what alacrity will you rise? And imagine the alacrity with which the world will greet you.

The world has been waiting for you. You are the Second Coming, beloveds. You are here to brighten up the world. You are to raise yourself to great heights so that the world can rise with you. The world has to rise. It can rise only according to you. The world follows in your footsteps.

When you wake up in the morning, be like the sun rising over the horizon. Spread the rays of your heart wide. The dew of the grass will reflect your light.

Today, all during the day, look at everyone as a sun rising before you. Never mind clouds that might cover the sun before you. The sun of the person before you may be unaware of his own sunlight. Let him see his light in your eyes then. Let him be ennobled by your light shining on him.

You are a light that shines. That is My will, beloveds. Even as you are someone who has to go to work, perhaps take the subway, go to a job that you are tired of, that is where your light is to shine. Light up the subway by your own radiance. Light up your job by your very presence. Blazon your light, beloveds, so that others may see it and so that you yourself may see your own light in all its splendor.

Do not tell yourself that, as one person, you are incapable of lighting the world. You have sometimes let one person darken your world, haven’t you? One person’s expression or word has shrunk your heart. Is not light as powerful as the dark? Beloveds, light is more powerful. Your light is more powerful. If you think your light isn’t exceedingly powerful, you have been kidding yourself.

Remember that you are a shiner of light. You are not a bearer of bad news. You are not someone who is to keep yourself or anyone or the world glued in place. You are to loosen the bonds that keep people in place. You are to free the world to its own possibilities. It is you who will make possibilities certainties.

The way to do this is for you to stop looking at your feet. Cease to look at things as they have been. Begin to look at the world as it is meant to be looked at. See the possibilities. There is an untraveled path before you. That is the path to take. Your step will be light. The path will be well-lighted. You will have lighted it. Before you know it, there will be no path under you. You who are light will be walking on light. The light you follow is your own light radiated before you. There will be no detouring from it, so clear will be the light that you are, so strong will be the signal you send.

Your path is well-lighted. Do not for one moment delude yourself that you are in darkness. Dark is merely a subterfuge. It is a scam. Even if you have previously bought into darkness a thousand times, today you buy into light, and know it is yours, and yours to shine so that you may see it and see all others warmed in the rising light that you are.