The Story of Your Life

Heavenletter #209
Published on: May 26, 2001

God said:

Life may change you, that’s true. But it’s also true that a change within you changes your life. You in more glory will lead a life of more glory, though it may not be the glory the world assumes. Others may not even notice. But when you are at a higher level of your development, you are at a higher level, and what perhaps felt good to you before, no longer will. Something else does. What this all means is that you are coming closer to the real you rather than the assumed identified you that you have been grappling with.

Don’t feel dismayed at vague stirrings of discontent. You just haven’t reached yourself yet. Your awareness of yourself hasn’t quite yet come to the fore. But one day you will notice, and that day is soon.

Vague feelings of discontent are a signal that you have not been quite honest with yourself. But you are becoming more honest. Honest means you are coming closer to truth, removing the facades that you thought held you up but which kept you away.

What I am saying is that you are already beyond your bound concepts of yourself. You passed them long ago. Now no longer think of yourself the ways you used to think of yourself. You have broken out, and now you go further. Now you go beyond. Now you do things and present yourself in ways you never dreamed of. Now you are in a different league. You thought you were always on the sides, but now you find that you are the one up at bat. In fact, you find that you are the pitcher and catcher as well. There is nothing that you are not now.

Perhaps you used to be quiet and unassuming. Perhaps you used to be loud and forthcoming. Now you will be what you are. You will respond to My needs.

“Needs” is an odd word to associate with Me. We will say that it is My need for you to shine, and so shine you will. You were always a bright light, but you hid yourself behind a mushroom. Now you do not hide from yourself. Now you proclaim yourself. Now you take part in life and make it what you will. Now you do not wait for someone else. You do not wait for Me. You go ahead and reveal the honest-to- God’s truth of you.

You held yourself by tight strings, and now you unloose them. Now you partake in life. You have wondered what life is for, and now you find it is for you to be who you are. What a relief that is. You have nothing to live up to. The truth of you is not somewhere else. It is not something you have to chase, for you have it already. But it is something you have to find. And finding is noticing. Until now you have been hampering yourself.

Today you unmask yourself. Unmask yourself to yourself. What a find! What a discovery you are. What a blessing upon earth. What else can you be when I made you and put you there? I made you for something. I did not make you for nothing. Accept at the very least that I made you for today. Pick up this day and find yourself right here in it. Who are you, and what is before you? Which stone do you pick up in life and turn over? What lies under the stone? What story do your hands reveal? And at which spot do you return the stone you picked up, and who are you that leaves it there?